Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I have always loved looking at houses. I say always because I have very vivid memories of walking into peoples homes as a child and wanting to look around and remembering details. I can still remember every detail of my Mom's friend Jenny Doan house. She had a HUGE Craftsman Style - Victorian house that had seven bedrooms - all upstairs! Each closet had a secret closet that also had passages in some of the secret closets. It also had a formal grand staircase and a servants ramp from the kitchen to the upstairs bedrooms. That was a favorite - the ramp! Oh how we would slide and run and play on that servants ramp! We also loved the laundry chute and I'm pretty sure my brothers had a few turns going down that chute.

I guess I could say "Houses" are one of my hobbies. I love to go to model homes and look at the different styles of decorating and floor plans. I love looking online at gardens and houses and rooms that have different styles. And I love blogs that showcase things like this. There are some great ones out there that have found their way into my favorites list.

While I was in Carmel with the family a few weeks ago I was awe inspired with the unique houses and gardens there. I'm pretty sure Carmel is one of a kind and no where else has houses like they do. I would have loved to walk the streets and taken pictures by the hundreds but I was the one doing the driving and picture taking so I was only able to snap a few.

This is The House of Seven Gables. We stayed here on our Honeymoon.

How about this gate.

This house was amazing but I couldn't get a good picture of it through the gate.

It was called "STONEGATE"

Hello My Lovely!

I think I could make you mine!!

The house overlooks the cliffs and ocean in Pebble Beach.

Yes, I could be happy here!

The Tuck Box - Perfect for Tea and Scones

I love the rotunda door
Cute window boxes
ummm....everything about this is perfect!

Love the gate and flowers beyond.
This door just automatically says "welcome"
I love this balcony - the vines, flowers and stone are perfect!

Nice garage doors. I wonder how those would look on my house?
The canopy of trees was beautiful!
Yes, another house I could call my own!

My favorite - I love the roof and the rounded front door!
I wish I could have a rounded front dutch door!
This house is called "WHALES TAIL"
This is the entry gate to the courtyard to the house.
Lovely - just lovely!


Bits Of Becca said...

I love every picture! I have been to Carmel a few times and love, love, love driving around this very unique town. The little cottages and homes are beautiful. Thank you for "driving" us around and taking some great pictures.

Vidal's Nest said...

We love doing drive by's of fantastic houses and gardens too!
These cottages and homes are amazing! I think we could take a few days driving aroun looking. Thanks for sharing!

Kimmurs said...

Those are postcard pic's, Love them..

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

What a cool place! Thanks for sharing.

Anny said...

You are killing me here! Love the pictures. I feel like I need to go to my "second" home soon! Let's plan a trip!