Friday, September 5, 2008

Book Club

Last night was book club at Aimee's. She was naughty and made her famous home made German Chocolate cake and I ate a piece. It was worth every single calorie! I even promised myself before I went to not eat anything. Oh well, I'm not feeling guilty about it since it was soooooo yummy! I also came home and wasn't tired. Does that happen to other people? I stayed up until 3:45 blogging and catching up on e-mail and such. I'm such a dummy! I think my insomnia is back. Good thing I'm off diet coke!

I love my book club girls so I thought I would list my favorite reasons on why I love book club:
(cheesy I know!)

1. We have known each other FOREVER - (o.k. more like 8 or 9 years) so it's perfectly o.k. to show up in P.J.'s, no makeup and a ponytail. Which I did by the way and it was fabulous. I mean why not get ready for bed before I go since when I come home it's late and who wants to wash a face and brush a tooth?

2. We are all so comfortable with each other that we can be ourselves. This includes honestly voicing our opinions even though some might not agree with you. We all love each other and don't judge so the conversations are always very interesting!

3. We get to read books that I would never pick out but have loved, loved, loved! Follow the River, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, The glass Castle, Goose Girl, The Hiding Place............

4. I get to have guilt free time for me. I get to hang out with my girlfriends (who unfortunately I don't get to see near as much as I would like), get advice, hear all the latest drama with our kids, learn from one another and just relax.

5. We laugh....A LOT!!! This is good for the mind, body and soul. Don't they say laughter is the best medicine? I'm going to also throw in there that laughter makes us stay young! With the rate of our laughter we will be in our teens in another 10 years!

This is why I love my book club. Thanks girls!! You made my week!

(I'll have to start saying "Old Book club" and "New Book club" since I am now in two book clubs. I guess I just can't get enough!!)

**no pictures from book club since I didn't bring my camera. Next time***


mjilsteele said...

Wow! What a way to live. Friends and more friends. Sounds like a lot of fun for sure. We could all definately use more laughter in our lives. Looks like you have made some good choices with your time. Keep reading and sharing! Mom S.

Crystal Star said...

I'm glad i went too. I have moved it up my priority list this year. I missed it!

crystal said...

I am the SAME way; when I come home completely invigorated from a girls' night, I end up staying up 'til 3 or 4am. Yikes.