Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Or should it say Non-Labor Day!

That's how it was over here anyway. Tom and Cassidy got up at 5:30am to go play golf. Yes, they have the bug! Cassidy is getting so good at chipping and putting. Her lessons are paying off and she is loving the time out on the course and with her Daddy!

Abby and I slept in and then went and had breakfast at Paradise Bakery and over to the mall to the earring store. Abby wanted some "dangly earrings" like Cassidy's. We walked around for awhile and had fun. We weren't home long before Tom and Cass came home.

This is where the non-labor part comes in. Tom and I lounged on our bed watching Burn Notice and golf, then we swam for awhile, took a nap, had the girls clean their rooms then headed out to In & Out for our Labor Day Hamburger.

Abby had her first day of Dance class and was so excited to go! She is fearless and great at everything she does! I can't wait to see what her her hobbies and interests will be as she gets older! I'm sure she will be good at anything she wants to do. She's just like that!

After we got Abby we headed over to the bookstore. I think we ended up being there about two hours! We had so much fun looking at all the books and the girls loved playing with the toy train. (Don't ask me why but they love that train set! Takes after their Grandma Goose)

We then came home and made bookmarks for our books and for Family Home Evening. We made a huge mess and had a ton-o-fun and I have to say our bookmarks are much better than any at the bookstore!

Cassidy giving me her movie star pose

Dad and Abby working away

The finished bookmarks!

What did you do on Labor Day?
Did you Bar-B-Que or go out for your meal?
Do you love going to the book store?
What is your favorite children's books?


Dancin Queen said...

What a pretty little ballerina!!! ;)

Crazymamaof6 said...

cute bookmarks! she looked DARLING for her 1st day of Dance.

and fun labor day! perfect way to spend it.

Anny said...

We didn't do much on Labor Day either. The whole fam, but me, went to a BBQ. I wasn't feeling great so I just watched 6 episodes of America's Next Top Model. Your book marks are darling, great idea. We have too many favorite children's books to pick just one. I love collecting children's books but had to slow way down. Glad you had a fun day!

Jenifer said...

Cute bookmarks! I did not labor, but Nate did:)

Crystal Star said...

Cara- great job on Abby's dance photo. Wow! And she is such a doll I love her to pieces already!

{The Prince Family} said...

You are so cute Cara! Love the bookmarks, I wish I could be as creative and as fun as YOU! But I am glad to have you as a friend. I will have to borrow you when my kids get older so they can do cute crafts :)

mjilsteele said...

Hey, glad that you had a family day. I did miss you though. We went to the lagoon at VVL and had a fun swim time. Elena and Craig's family came, everyone else was on their own activities. But doing what is best for you is fine with me. I do miss seeing you though. Love always, MOM S.