Friday, September 5, 2008

My Treat of Choice is No Longer!

I can not drink Diet Coke anymore.
I don't know what happened.
I used to order it when we went out to eat or sometimes I would stop in at Sonic and get me a nice cold one with extra lime.
Not anymore.
It's like my body is rejecting it.
I can not drink it.
Want to but cant!
What did I do?
All I have been drinking is water!
Well....the other day I did add half of a Zip Fizz to said water.
I had to since I was about to fall asleep and it was only 3:30pm!
(this is what happens when I get up in the middle of the night)
I am a somewhat health conscious kind of gal.
I eat my fruits and veggies each day. Low fat everything and no red meat.
Sugar only on the weekends and no dairy!
Diet Coke was like a treat.
Now what am I going to have for a treat that is low fat, no sugar or dairy and tastes good?
I've got
Help a girl out?


Mrs. Jones said...

I'm kicking the DC habit, too. I just love it, but I know it is not doing good things to my body.


Grandma T. said...

Maybe chew ice - but that's not much of a treat and not so good for your teeth. Maybe dark chocolate peanut M&M's?

Becca said...

I'm not a big Diet Coke drinker, but I sure wish my body would reject chocolate.

Anonymous said...

It stains your teeth anyways and studies have shown that it can't add some pounds.
Have you tried any of those flavored sparkling water drinks. Target has some I like.
Also love the cowgirl pics!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant it CAN add pounds.

Jenifer said...

Tragic! Have you tried Dr. P? :)

pam said...

Diet soda will make you gain weight I guess it's just as well not to have any of it.

Anny said...

I don't do the soda thing, but as you know, I can't live without chocolate and candy :) Can't help you out unless it is a weekend! I love ice water and couldn't live without it.

Sue said...

Well good for you on kicking the habit!!
It's my Dark Master that I just can't let go. I'll take the extra five pounds and continue going to my favorite dentist to get my teeth bleached, I'm just not that disciplined. :)