Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh No..........

I just read that on Sept. 16th there were 100 days until Christmas.
That means that today there are now 97 days until Christmas.
And less days for:
Cassidy's Birthday
Amberly's birthday
Our anniversary and
My birthday

I about fainted dead on the floor.

O.K. maybe not fainted but I got a horrible sick knot in my stomach just thinking about it.

All the things I have to do just flashed before my eyes and it wasn't pretty.
Christmas Cards
Birthday Parties
Friend and Neighbor Gifts
Family Gifts
Holiday Parties
Secret Santa
School Parties and cards
and on and on and on.

I feel sick. Light headed. Over whelmed.

Have I depressed you?
Sorry - December is my least favorite month as you can see.

However, I just found this website and I think it may save my life.
At the very least it will save my sanity in December.

I think I might just get a handle on things for this year.
I already have Abby's party planned and things bought for her Birthday Bash in OCTOBER!
I have an idea on what to do for Cassidy's birthday extraordinaire in NOVEMBER!
Two down - 5783 to go.
I just need to remember my word for this year:
Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.
I'm saying it over and over in my mind as I am typing.
It's making me feel very Zen for some reason.
That might be just what I need.
(and an added bonus - have you seen Share the Wealth over on One Happy Mom's Blog? She has different web sites and blogs that give great ideas on homemade gift ideas. It may just be an answer to my prayers and my wallet)


momof3crazykids-Val said...

Wow, didn't realize this.
Do you do parties out or in? I have a friend that is having her daughter's party next week at one of those shops that the girls pick out a ceramic pice and paint it and then it gets glazed . It sounds pretty cool.
Thanks for the info.

Britta said...

I agree- between mid December and mid January, we have four birhdays (only 5 people in my little family) and of course all of the other holiday stuff. I hate the craziness of the holidays too and breath a sigh of relief when they are over. Thanks for the resources.

Anny said...

Great, thanks for the reminder! I haven't given Zack and Brynn a birthday party for three years (Oct. 29th & Nov. 6th). I had good intentions but it just never worked out. This year I have big plans, lets see how it goes! But the rest of that stuff, oh man. I'm not ready at all! You on the other hand will pull through beautifully! Good luck, my thoughts are with ya!

Crazymamaof6 said...

EEkK! i too feel the crunch this time of year. insanity none of it could have been worse timing for all the big events of the year. who plans this? yeah no planning in my life OBVIOUSLY! but still. DREAD. we can be harried together.

there was a FABULOUS wood word sign with "Simplify" at TJmaxx/homegoods last night in brown. i thouhgt the same thing i need to simplify.

Jennifer said...

Wow. You have me thinking. I bought all of Christmas while in Israel this summer. I don't want to forget that and shop again. I should get them all out and organized.... thanks for the reminder.

Cindy said...

SO when you come up with your cute friends gifts and neighbor gifts -- tell me so I can steal your ideas!! :o) You've always got THE BEST ideas! And I always have NONE! Deal? Ok, thanks! :o)