Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pick Me

Tonight Tom and I took the girls on a walk after dinner. When we came outside to leave all the boys in the neighborhood were playing flag football on our lawn. Don't ask me why they want to play on our little patch of grass when at the end of the street there is a HUGE greenbelt. I don't mind I just think it's nice - until they start killing my plants then I'm not so nice!

Anyway, Cassidy caught the football (she's got a great arm and not to bad of a catch either)
and then stood there while five boys jumped up and down on the lawn screaming:
Pick Me!

Pick Me!

Pick Me!
I had to laugh - isn't that every girls dream come true having to choose between five cute boys all who want your attention?!

Good thing she's only nine.

I still have a few more years ahead of me until this happens for real!


Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

They will be quick years! You'll turn around and she'll be 12 or 13 looking like she 15 or 16 and you be looking for a big stick! {trust me I'm there!}

Emy5 said...

Lucky little lady! Plenty to choose from, eh?!

Believe me the time will come soon enough when it happens for real.

Webb Family said...

I miss you!
I wanted to call you today but I worked all day so hopefully tomorrow.
My computer is messed up so I only get to look at blogs on Mike's which does not happen very offen.
I never relized how much you keep up with friends through blogs.

Lori ~ LL-K said...

tonight I saw this whole game in action I think you need to take some picture of this! They all looked like they were having the best time!! FUN.. Remind me of my childhood!

Anny said...

What a hottie! She must have loved that 5 boys were yelling that! Were they cute? He He

mjilsteele said...

What a beautiful girl Cassidy is! Keep her young as long as you can. She also has a beautiful and loving spirit! So in my opinion, she will stay beautiful as she grows up and when that special time comes, she will be ready to say which "sweet young man" she is ready to choose for her very own. oxox Grandma S.