Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Stuff

This morning Tom and Cassidy left early for her golf lessons. Tom said she is doing very well! She loves it which is the #1 thing but also she has some talent which is kind of important. Have you seen some of those people out on the driving range? No talent and a funky swing. It's pretty funny to watch actually. Cassidy on the other hand was born graceful and with perfect balance. When she was little and not even walking she was graceful. Too bad she doesn't like dance. She's very good at gymnastics and now golf. I guess a few people commented on her swing today which made Tom proud! It also helps that her coach is a little hottie and she has a slight crush on him. Hey whatever helps huh!

While Tom and Cass were doing their golf thing I had promised Abby to go look at Model Homes. On Monday out of the blue she asked Tom, "Dad can we go look at some model homes? I want to go find some twirly stairs!" He just looked at me like "What?" Hey, I didn't put her up to it she came up with that all on her own! Anyway, we didn't end up going and she has asked everyday since. Don't get me wrong. I love going to model homes! It's one of my favorite things. You get great decorating ideas, different floor plans, landscape ideas. Sometimes you get free water bottles and hot chocolate chip cookies too! Can't beat that! So off we went to find her some twirly stairs.

I took pictures of Abby on her dream stairs and then I took pictures of different rooms we saw that I thought I would share. One of the houses had a movie room so we hung out in there for a while and watched Spider Man. Abby kept saying, " Mom this is a movie peater!" over and over. Then she said, "We need this in our next house Mom!" Yeah, I think we do!
We had fun - lots of fun. I'll have to go back to these models I found one time when Tom was out of town. They had the best children's rooms EVER!!! I think I need to have pictures of them for this blog and my future idea book!

I liked the stripes on the walls in this swimmers room. the colors were very calming.
This kitchen was HUGE!
Lot's of counter space which is why they can have this nice display on the island
and still get some work done.

Abby bouncing on the bright bed. Don't you like the colors?
I love them but I think it would be hard to fall asleep. It's so cheery! The "movie peater!"
I'm not sure about the chairs at the end of the bed.
If it was my house those things would be covered in clothes! Abby on her "twirly stairs" Her dream came true! (or so she said!♥♥♥)
Love this cabinet idea. If the kitchen is going to be small fill it up with floor to ceiling cabinets. I should do this where my "crap counter" is. Then it wouldn't fill up with crap! (I mean junk)
Tom would love to have a built in bookcase like this in his office.
This room was rather bright but very cute.
The window curtain on the right (large window) is real -
the ones over the 3 small windows - paint! Who knew? Cute idea for bathroom towels. Not practical but if you have a bathroom for guests only this would work!
love this desk idea. Work, talk, games - it has endless uses!
I love to hang my kids art. This is fun to have in their room! You wouldn't need anything else for decorations - just art!
I loved how the shower curtain and window curtain matched and they hung them with knots!
Why do I love white cabinets so much?! I loved this kitchen - it's small but efficient, crisp and clean. Plus it's green and white my two favorite colors!


mjilsteele said...

Cassidy is a graceful girl, and a lovely one, too. Soooo glad that she has a great relationship with her dad as does Abby. Hey, I like to go to model homes! Take me sometime. However, I don't think that I could do too many twirly staircases. I am going to tharapy and getting better at climbing etc. So who knows, maybe I'll be dashing up those steps. HA HA. Well,anyway so neat that daughters can have very special one on one experiences with the Dad and Mom. OXO Mom/Grandma S.

miscellany said...

Cute ideas, it's been years since I have looked at model homes. I need to get out there!

raising4boys said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures. They are fun. I can't believe those painted windows, they looked so real.

crystal said...

I love that green & white kitchen, too. Fabulous.

Cindy said...

What fun ideas!! Whenever I go into model homes, I think of you. I always think about how cute everything is, and how you could come up with such great ideas -- just like the model homes. I remember when you bought your town-home and you kept saying, I have to think about the potential. I always try to do that when I see things now -- and I always think of you, Cara Sue!!