Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I went to get a scan of my thyroid. It was interesting. they made me take a radioactive pill - lovely than come back 6 hours later to do an hours worth of x-rays. I brought Abby with me not knowing what was going to happen and had to leave the office and run her over to my Aunt's house to play. Thanks Aunt Janet - i owe you big and Abby came home and told Cassidy all about it. Cass was very sad she missed it so we may have to come back for a visit soon!

When I went back for the actual scan I had to lay there for an hour moving my head every 10 minutes in different positions. I would doze in and out of consciousness in that 10 min. and it was a very odd experience. Have you ever been awake enough to know what is going on around you yet feel yourself floating away in dreamland at the same time? It was like i was in two places at the same time. I could hear the girl moving around the room doing different things to the machines but i was also far away in my mind thinking and dreaming and floating. It was very out-of-body weird, yet very peaceful and calming.

I wonder if that is what if feels like when people are on the edge of death. They can hear and see the people and the life around them but also can see and feel the life that is waiting for them on the other side. Wouldn't it be hard to have to choose? I'm thinking right now I would love to see my parents and ask them why they had to leave us so soon, and see my grandparents and even see if there is another baby waiting to come to our family. But how could I leave my family here. I'm pretty sure if the opportunity came I would have to stay. Yes, I would stay.

Strange how little life moments make you think about things. I haven't ever thought about this before. Even while laying on that table today I was just in the moment. I wasn't trying to do anything - just relaxing - trying to stay still while they did the x-ray. Yet I was given a window to look through and see things differently.

**Has this ever happened to you?
**Had an out of body experience of sorts.
** Was it strange or calming?

**note**they are just doing some tests on my thyroid. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about and I wasn't going to mention it but I just couldn't stop thinking about the experience today.


lindsey said...

i had to have a similiar test, not for my thyroid but for my kidney to see if i had a tumor..anyway i remember laying there for that hour and feeling strange and unsettled. i guess i better get my act together ;)

Crazymamaof6 said...

AHHHHHH, i have had that test a couple times. i always sit there and relax, enjoying my peace and quiet. ALONE! it's so rare. and to lay so still.
hope your test went well.
i hate waiting for results. glad they got on that.
AND i always sit there and try to see what there is to see, like i can tell anything.
silly me.
get copies of your report. and films too if you can, or a disk. it's way easier to manage going to the endo, GP, and ENT if you have all your crap in an easy to carry file. plus i just like to read what they say about me.

hope it works out FABULOUSLY! sending you GOOD VIBES!

Dancin Queen said...

Hope everything comes out okay!

I was at enrichment tonight with Debbie Rhoads and Karen Hunt, who both know you from California.

They asked how I knew you and I felt silly saying "Well I don't exactly, just from blogging."

Hee hee!

Kass said...

Thanks for sharing! I hope all is well with the results. It's an amazing feeling thinking that at some point. . .the right point-we will fade into the next stage of the plan & then there's no turning back-this life will be over. I'm sure it will be extremely bitter-sweet. You will be eccstatic to see your parents & other loved ones on the other side, but will desperately miss the ones you love here & now & have to leave behind. Thank goodness the separation is only temporary. Some days it feels very lo-ng. Love your blog!!

Anny said...

I can honestly say, I have never felt like that. Somedays I think that feeling would be nice, but then I realize I have too much work to do, so get going! I hope your results are good ones and you live until you are 120! You're awesome. Are you still coming next week???????? I'm excited!!!!

steele's said...

Hey, love the pic of Cassidy! I finally updated my blog after 2 weeks. Thanx for putting Mike up for a week. Love you!

Cindy said...

I hope things are a-ok, Cara!
Your experience sounds a little like I feel when I've gone tanning before.ha Probably not quite the same -- but I sort-of drift off into dream land, but still hear everything that's going on around me. Weird.