Monday, October 6, 2008

Baseball Surprise

For my Brother Matt's 35th birthday my SIL wanted us all to surprise him with a baseball game and his favorite people. US!! His brothers and sisters. (Cara and the Boys)
( Matt and Cami - Happy Birthday Matt!)
We got there early. It was hard for us to do since none of us can get to anything on time let alone early! But knowing my brother and his wife (who are always early or on time) we knew we had better get there or the surprise would be foiled!
( Um, is that what you are supposed to do with that rattlers tail?)

(Joni makes the best signs. I'm having her over next time I need one)
( Surprise!! )
Tom wasn't able to come since he was working but we ended up having a great time and surprising Matt was the highlight. He even caught a D-Backs shirt in his glove that was thrown to the crowd!

(Pam, Kurt, Joey and Joni)

(all of us way up high in the sky watching the game!)

I told Matt that my being at the game showed him how much I loved him since I'm not a huge baseball fan. I think he knows the love runs deep.


Erin said...

Cara, Cami used to be my visiting teacher when we first moved to Az. She is also my friend Natalie's cousin. What a small world!

Anny said...

What a fun surprise! I love how you are all dressed up and ready to go for the game, true fans! Hope it was fun and not too long and boring! He he!

Ros said...

k, so I admire your connection and unity. Go!

Cindy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATT!! What a trooper you are to go to the game, Cara! Looks like you guys had fun -- even though it was a boring baseball game! :o) You and your brothers are so fun! I love it!