Friday, October 3, 2008

♥ Wow, I can't believe it's been a whole week since I sat down to my computer to check on my blog! Things have been rather crazy around here. As I think about why it's been so crazy I can't come up with one single thing, just lots of life chaos I suppose.

♥ I do have a question....What's up with Photobucket these days? Sometimes my cute paper is on my blog and other times it's just an all white background. And I have noticed this happening on some others blogs as well. I have tried going to photobucket to check my account and have not been able to even get to the main site. Anyone else having the same problems? I would sure like to have my background paper back.

♥ Saturday morning bright and early we headed down to the church to have a 2 hour practice for the primary program at church. By the end I seriously thought I was going to have to strangle some of my 10 year olds. I didn't want to be there either but come on - respect your elders (or at least respect me)!!!!! I left there with a huge headache and in need of fresh air. (sitting up on the stand with a bunch of children who had gas and no air circulation about to put me over the edge!)

♥ Sunday I was nervous. For me, the kids and more importantly the Primary Presidency. But as most of you know.....there was no need for worry! The kids shaped up and were perfect singing angels. They remembered all their lines, sang nice and loud, stood up and sat down on command and were quite impressive! I was so proud of all of them!!!! My favorite part of the whole thing was when we went into singing time after class time and sang the primary songs with a twist. Cowboy, Indian and my all time favorite - OPERA!! Oh it was soooo funny! The kids loved it!!! Good Job Primary Presidency Your did great!!

♥ Some of our favorite shows have ended for the season (sad) and new favorites have started (yipee) Right now we love watching -

♥Dancing with the Stars

♥The New Adventures of Old Christine

♥How I met Your Mother

♥Worst Week (which might have to be at the top of the list!! Did you see it?)

♥Oprah (I'm not sure I'm liking her or not yet. Last season - not so much. This season I have loved the decorating shows and cooking shows and that's about it - is it just me?)

♥The Big Bang Theory

I can't think of anything else we are watching. Love Burn Notice, Monk and Psych but they are over for the season (sniff)

I have been in a bit of a funk lately. Not wanting to put make up on, see anyone, go out and do anything. This is so unlike me!! Usually you can't get me to stay home!! Maybe that's why I haven't been posting on my blog, or reading blogs, or commenting on blogs. There's no reason for the funk it's just there and so I have been doing other things that need to get done instead of things that are fun to get done.
I almost didn't go to book club tonight because of my funk. Hello!! What is wrong with me??? I did end up going and it's always nice to feel the love and laugh and talk. Maybe I'll be less funky tomorrow because of it. Ha, Ha - get it - funky!? See it's already working!

So if you want to leave a comment here's a few questions:

1. What's up with Photobucket? Are you having problems too?

2. Do you love/hate the primary program?

3. What are your top 3 favorite shows right now?

4. How can I get out of my funk? (and don't say food - I'm on a diet!)


Janae said...

I don't enjoy the primary program and this year I was the pianist so that made it 10 times worst!! My knees were knocking so bad that by the time I got home I had bruises..

We are watching Dancing with the stars, Survivor and americas next top model!!

I can't tell you how to get out of your funk, but would love to know how you do I can get out of mine..

Megan said...

Maybe the diet is why you are in a funk???
I love the primary program... as long as I have nothing to do with it other than enjoy watching it.
Good luck getting out of your funk, sometimes just a walk in the sunshine helps, sometimes not.

Vidal's Nest said...

Loved the primary program. Fav shows? Criminal minds, greys anatomy, survivor.
Retail therapy works for me!It is always a good standby for helping getting out of a funk!
I haven't had any problems out of photo bucket but now you have me worried!
I wish I wasn't running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to get moved or I'd offer to help you with that retail therapy! If you are still funky next week...I'll be available!

idahohubers said...

I usually love the primary program because I haven't had to help with it for years! I hate it because our kids are old enough now to be in it but we have been in AZ for every one. I have hope for this year, but I'm not counting on it because they wouldn't do the mother's or father's day musical numbers!

The shows I'm watching are so shallow and fun... Ugly Betty, America's Next Top Model and Project Runway.

I don't like those funky feelings hanging around when I have them. Recently I got out of one by organizing a few closets and taking several bags full of useless junk to DI. I even got the kids to toss out a bunch of old toys. I felt so much happier when that extra stuff wasn't hanging around the house. I also got a new hair color and cut which always helps me feel better!

Good luck!

Erin said...

Primary Program: Love to watch it, don't love trying to keep the children under control for an hour.

Shows: Right now I like Ugly Betty, Pusing Daisies and The Amazing Race

Funk: Girls Night, being crafty, shopping with a friend, you now I am always up for any of those things. Let me know if you need to get out of the house. I'd love to hang out.

miscellany said...

I love Primary Program time. If I am in it or not. It's just my favorite Sunday of the year. I especially love to hear the primary songs and I know there have been some new ones introduced since I was in primary almost 2 years ago!

I think Tom should suprise you with one of those fun trips he is famous for. That would work for me!!!

Kimmurs said...

1. I have no idea what Photobucket is.....
2. I have no idea what Primary is, but glad it all worked out....
3. DWTS all the way........
4. I'm coming to AZ to get you out of your funk girlfriend.......
Love Ya.

Kimmurs said...
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Jennifer said...

I was SO excited to see Pushing Daiseys again! SO cute!

Anny said...

1. Your blog has never acted up for me, cute as ever.
2. We haven't had our primary program yet, usually I love it but this year I will be sitting with the sunbeams, so ask me again later.
3. I seriously don't have 1 second to watch t.v. If I have left over time, I try to read or blog. (I'm pretty behind in those areas as well).
4. As for your funk, I am coming in two weeks, will that help or hurt? It's ok to be funky every once in awhile, that way we appreciate when we are doing great!
Love ya!

momof3crazykids-Val said...

Me and the primary program have a love hate relationship, I'm in the presidency.
Top 3 fav. shows, CSI, Grey's Anatomy & Desperate Housewives.
I've kind of been in a funk also, I almost didn't go to book club on Tuesday, but I did. Go get yourself a massage or facial. Maybe that will help you.