Saturday, November 15, 2008

What I Have Been Up To

First off I'd like to admit that I slept with my makeup on last night and now my eyes feel funny. You would think I would have learned by now. But nooooooo I keep doing it because I get so tired I just want to crawl into bed and go to sleep. Well, I don't do it that often but I shouldn't do it at all.

Note to self:
Wash face before bed so eyes don't feel funny.
Got it!

Now I have not forgotten my poor blog. I just have been very busy. I thought I could make time but I just haven't been able to. Here's what I have been up to:

Birthday invitations. I have decided to have both the girls parties next week - Friday night and Saturday morning. (Hope I survive) I'm thinking this will take some of the pressure off my December! So far so good. I made the invitations and that took a few hours (ha-ha more like a few days).

Cassidy is having a disco-singing party. Got the idea off of Family Fun. (Click the link if you want to see the idea). She's excited and has been inviting everyone she knows. I made 30 invitations and am afraid they may all show up. Wouldn't that be a memorable 10th birthday party?

Abby is having a cupcake party. I have been buying stuff for this for MONTHS!! Should be fun and oh-so-cute! I'm making the darlingest aprons out of $ store dish towels (thanks to my friend Sandy for the idea) and we will be cooking and decorating the cupcakes along with games and such. She can hardly wait! And neither can I! ♥
We also have our family pictures today. I don't think I posted about my fabulous luck but

Yes I did and I am so excited. Remember when I put a link on my blog so I could have a slim little chance of winning? It worked!!! So....if you need family pictures -

She's good
really really good
She's affordable
that's important these days
She gives you your disk
you WILL need these pictures through out the year for different things
She's sweet and nice and cute and fun
can't beat those odds!

So if you need family pictures done-call her!
One Happy Mama (aka Ashley)
(she's very busy though so it may take a few days for her to get back to you)

Other than I have been:
1♥ making birthday invitations
2♥ gathering outfits for family pictures
3♥ laundry
4♥ watching my nephews Harley(2) and Berkeley (6 months)
5♥ keeping up with my chores
6♥ sewing 12 little aprons
7♥ planning two parties
8♥ helping with homework
9♥ helped my neighbor with her sisters bridal shower
10♥ planted flowers out front
11♥ subbed at bunko
12♥ had lunch with Kim (twice)
13♥ parent teacher conference
14♥ pet-sat the class rats (yes there will be a post about that)
15♥ cleaning
16♥ Time out for Women (so fun!! and there will be a post about that too)
17♥ been going to the gym with the hubby
18♥ started Christmas shopping
19♥ went to a fun boutique and saw an AMAZING kitchen that was To DIE!!
20♥ loved my family a little bit more, held them a little tighter and just soaked them in!


Jennifer said...

Looks like you're having some fun girl! AND I need to make that same note to myself. Woke up this morning with funny eyes.

Nikki said...

You are truly supermom!!! Those invites are amazing- and back to back gigantic birthday parties? Super Amazing.

Can't wait to read future posts of all of your amazing adventures.