Thursday, December 11, 2008


Cassidy is 10 today.
That's 3653 days old.

It's gone by WAY to fast.
I remember having my 10th birthday. I got to have my 1st sleepover and we slept under the Christmas tree. We also played "stiff as a board - light as a feather" The things I remember.

I can't believe I now have a 10 year old. She was just my little pea pod not too long ago. So tiny and sweet. Now she's double digits - as we are calling her. She is still my little sweet, but big and sometimes sassy. I guess I'll have to start calling her sweet and sassy. Sassy Cassy. I like it.

So for my birthday tradition I'll continue with my:
10 Things I love about you

10. You are always thoughtful and kind - to everyone. Such an example!
9. You have the most gorgeous, thick, naturally highlighted hair! Everyone craves it and people pay BIG bucks for hair like you! I'm still NEVER going to let you die it. Make a note ♥
8. I love to hear you sing. You have such a beautiful voice. Someday that voice will bless others. I just know it!
7. You are the best big sister EVER! I tell you often and I'll tell you more only because it is oh-so-true!
6. You absolutely despise vegetables. This is not a good thing but makes you who you are which in turn makes me love you even more! You don't have many faults so I guess I'll ignore your non-veggie eating.
5. You ask the most amazing questions. What's going on in that head of yours? You are aways thinking and never afraid to ask us anything. I promise to be more attentive to your questions from now on. You've got some good ones and I want to seize the moment and get them answered.
4. You, my darling daughter have a love for little children. You are so good with them, so sweet and caring. You can entertain the Little's for hours! You will make an excellent babysitter and an even better Mama someday!
3. You love to be a night owl like Dad and I. We could all stay up till the wee hours of the morning and be as happy as can be. You are always the last to go to sleep at Grandma's for cousins sleepovers. When you were little and Jane spent the night - she was zonked out by 9pm and you were happily playing dress up, singing and dancing all while Jane slept on the floor oblivious. That's my night owl girl - just like her Mama! And you love to sleep in too! Just like ME!
2. You are a smuggler. Watching T.V. sitting in church, reading scriptures or stories. Usually it's Dad who gets your time (which he absolutely loves) but when it's my turn I soak it in and cherish it because I know it won't last. (teenage years are around the corner)
1. You are so very beautiful both inside and out and I am so proud to call you my daughter! We are the luckiest parents to have had you come to our family. And Abby doesn't even know how lucky she is to have YOU as her sister. You will always be her shining example to which I am grateful. I love you my sweet "Little Pea!"

Love, Mom


Kass said...

Happy Birthday Cassy! You are beautiful inside & out. I remember being 10 too. Wow. . .time flies.

Kass said...
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