Saturday, December 27, 2008

Brrrr....... Cold

Last night when we were coming home from the movie I knew it was going to be a cold night. The temperature outside was 42 degrees and it was only 8:30. And let me tell you - It was cold!!! We aren't used to that kind of cold here in the southwest desert. I just kept thinking about my friends in UT and CO who have to survive in this kind of cold ALL winter!

I came home and covered up my lettuce, basil and tomatoes in hopes they would survive. We all had a nice long winter nap until the girls went outside to see if there was snow. There wasn't any snow but there WAS a lot of frost. Everywhere! Abby kept saying, "Jack Frost was here, Jack Frost was here!" She watched the old movie a few nights ago -fun! I went to check on my plants and the towels that I covered the veggies with were frozen stiff. I have to admit, it is kinda fun having some cold weather. I think the high today was 52. We have to get bundled up to go outside, wear layers. This is a rarity you know. We usually are trying to stay cool not warm. I like it - only because I know it will only last about a week. (Sorry friends in cold places!)

We made it to Build-a-Bear today and it only took about an hour. Not to bad. The best part? no out of pocket cash was spent. Only gift cards, coupons and Abby's money paid the bill! Yipee!

I also got my new phone hooked up (which took longer than the BaB store) and I am so excited. I now have e-mail, a full keyboard for texting and the internet. It's not pink like my other phone but I took care of that and ordered a pink cover so I'm all set. Now if I'm gone, I can still get my e-mail. I'm so excited. I feel so important - even though I'm realy not.

I'm off to the store to get stuff for Beef Stew tomorrow. Doesn't that sound yummy? Warm and comforting on a cold Sunday night, I can't wait!

Happy Sunday! Don't forget - tomorrow is the last Sunday of the year to post your 52 Blessings. I'm behind so I need to catch up too so don'e feel bad! This is just a reminder. ♥


Grandma T. said...

Cara, I love you.

Maribeth said...

Oh, but you are important! I hope you get your comments via email- so that you can use your new phone to get this! I love your blog and I want to learn from it! You seem like such an awesome person. I can't remember where I found your blog even, but keep it coming! You are important...more than you ever know!

Ros said...

I was sure you took the foto! I guess maybe not, but it was wishful thinking! Sadly, I didn't cover my precious babies =(. I guess I'll just have to start getting ready for my next planting!