Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Aren't we all this time of year. I miss my blog. I wish blogger would e-mail every time a friend updated so I would come visit more. You know like face book. That's how face book sucks you in. You get mail - go check then realize you have just wasted 27 min. reading about nothing. Can you tell I have a love/hate relationship for FB. I love seeing old friends pop up and hate everything else. Sorry if I offend.

I have been busy around here making presents, friends and neighbor gifts, cooking and wrapping. We finally got our tree up and decorated. I had my family over Sunday night for Abby's birthday and made then each put on 5 ornaments before they left. Little Zac put on about 30-all in a one foot by one foot radius. It's so cute I kept it AS IS! I love that little dude.♥

Abby was sick with an ear infection over the weekend. She had a high fever and missed school on Friday. Luckily she was better by her Birthday but she has sure been sleeping a lot ever since. She doesn't get up before 10am. It hasn't hurt her bedtime which is good. She still wants to go to bed by 8pm. Yes, I'm a lucky Mom. However don't forget about "Miss Night Owl Cassidy) Last night she was up till about 11. Tweenagers!

Christmas is coming up fast but this year I am enjoying it. We aren't doing anything fancy or different than normal. Just enjoying the season. It's cold, rainy and wet and it makes it feel even more like Christmas to me. I am loving it!


pam said...

I guess Zac got a little crazy with the ornaments. It's probably because Garrett and I decorated our tree while Zac was he missed out.

Becca said...

Same, same with being busy. I'm making a lot of the gifts as well and with what time I have, I make what is necissary for the next day. I'm off to put vynal lettering on red chargers. "You are Special" plates. Hopefully teachers will enjoy them. I'm glad you're enjoying the season. I am as well, makes busy time easier.