Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Getting Closer............

For some reason this year I am having more fun sending out my cards and little goody bags than anything else. As I write each name on the envelope or go put a little treat at someones door I can't help but think how lucky I am to have that family in my life. Friends are such a blessing and blessings are the best!

I have gone through all my cards (100) and had to go print 30 more today. I have updated all my addresses in Outlook on the computer and can't wait for next year when I can just hit PRINT. What a feeling! I'm almost giddy about it! Facebook has helped me find old friends these last few months and seeing their cards is so much fun. Who knew so much time had passed since I spoke to some of these people? I love keeping in touch with people but it's always been so hard. Now with Blogger, Facebook, E-mail, Texting (which I am lousy at BTW) it's so easy to keep up on what's happening with everyone, even if it is kind of cyber-spacey. I'll take it!

Tonight the girls and I made another run around the neighborhood delivering goodies (homemade kettle corn) to Primary teachers, friends, neighbors. Only two people were home. It's so much more fun when the person is home to receive the gift. The girls were cute dressed in their jammies and robes, hats and slippers fresh out of the bath. I hope they will create a memory from our little jaunt tonight.

Abby got her haircut today after school. She has been asking to have a haircut for weeks and I have been putting her off. I want it to grow out long so I can put cute ponytails and braids, ribbons and clips in it. Who am I kidding. She's just like her sister. She doesn't like things in her hair. So after seeing Lisa's little girls Kate this morning with her cute new 'Do, I gave in when she asked for the same haircut. It's cute - short and sassy - just like sis. ♥

I'm checking off my list of Christmas things to do:

House Decorated - check
House cleaned up - check
Goodies made and mostly delivered - check
Cards sent - check (mostly)
Book club Parties - check
School parties - check
Kids out of school tomorrow - check

Still Need:

Christmas outfit for Cassidy
75% of my Christmas Shopping still to do!
Grocery shopping so we can stop eating candy all day
Stocking stuff
Presents made but not sent to out-of-towners
Take back a few items and get different items

All-Righty-Then I think I may have a lot to do this weekend what do you think?
How's your list coming?
Checking it off?
Adding more?
I'm going to bed - I need to make a list and check it twice and hope for the best!
(Really, I'm o.k. I'm not stressed for some reason?)


Megan said...

I got your card and I love love love it! Every time some one asks who is that and point to your card I tell them all about you and how fabulous i think you are and we all agree that your card is the most darling.
Good luck this weekend getting everything done

Jenifer said...

So happy I was home last night!!! And the popcorn must have been delicious, I didn't even get one kernel. SIGH! It was great to see you and your cute girls! I would love to see haircut pics!

Crystal Star said...

Oh- I'm with you on the sweets. We all had tummy aches last night. I thought we were getting sick until I realized how long it was since we had a decent meal. But it's so yummy!

Becca said...

My list of things to do sounds about the same. I'm hoping to get the rest done tomorrow so I can really relax and actually enjoy the Christmas Spirit.
My kids have been eating so much candy and treats (school parties), they turned down candy canes from the Bishop the other night. Maybe that's what we should do....give them so much, they won't want anymore.Ü

Kristi said...

Hey just wondering where you're going to dinner this weekend. See you there! :-)

Thuh Daynuh's said...

Cute blog, Cara! Hope you don't mind me checking it out! By the way, I ate the entire bag of popcorn all by myself... well, I think Kyle had a couple of bites. Anyway, I couldn't stop myself. Thanks!

Ros said...

Hey cute girl... I love your personality! You are as much fun on your posts as you are in real life! It is finally Christmas afternoon and I can sit and play online. I so totally relate to your blog. I love being a Mom and all the Christmasy things I get to do. It makes this Christmas afternoon feel so satisfying. I love the memories. Hope you get to sit down soon too! =) Merry Christmas!