Friday, December 5, 2008

Pictures for Kim

Kim, this was by far the easiest photo shoot yet! You are so easy to please and made me laugh with all your funny comments. Lets do this for every holiday!

They came.
We took pictures.
At my house.
Kim and I made her Christmas card while the kids jumped on the tramp.
They left.
It took one hour!
Seriously..........And look at how photogenic she is!
Every picture I took of her was perfect.
The boys - they liked to close their eyes.
But her...
Kim - you're PERFECT!


Kimmurs said...

You are too nice, Thank you !

Anonymous said...

Look at you go! Can't wait to see you guys soon!!

Cindy said...

Cara -- these are awesome!! I wish we were closer so that you could take pics for us. We need some DESPERATELY!