Friday, January 9, 2009

Fun, Fun & more Fun!

Today I got to go to lunch for my birthday. Yes, I like to spread out my birthday festivities for as long as possible. Since my birthday is the 23rd of Dec. who has the time or energy to plan or attend a lunch. For the last several years I have just made it a tradition to go out to lunch in January. That way everyone is back in town and recovered from the holidays. And let me tell you - it was worth it! We sat, ate & talked for 2 1/2 hours! Such fun. Thanks girls you really made my day♥♥
(I am losing my blogger touch and didn't get on picture. What was I thinking???)

Before I went to lunch I had a little extra time so I decided to investigate some of the new stores around the lunch location. One of which was Anthropology - what a FUN store!!! No wonder you always hear of movie stars shopping in there. Such different, unique but totally cute stuff! The minute I walked in I knew my Mom would have laughed at what was being displayed. All vintage 50's and 60's colors and patterns. It made me smile. I also had a list a mile long of things I wanted after I go out of there. Funny thing - I was looking at the bedding when I hear a "Cara?" I turn around and it's......Mindy!! Great minds think alike I guess. When you have extra time - go shopping!Later, my brother Matt brought all 4 of his kids over for a cousin sleepover. What fun we had! I have never heard his little guy (2 yrs old) talk. He's always so shy. But he was jabbering a mile a minute the whole time and I have to say I have a new buddy! My girls had a blast with their cousins and Tom and Caleb (5 yrs) hung out all night and played the Wii. We had my Dad's famous tacos for dinner - then brownies and ice cream for dessert. Yum! We ended the night with Kungfu Panda where they all fell asleep on the floor in the family room. I have to admit - 6 kids was a little loud, a little chaotic and a little messy BUT is was also a whole lotta fun!
Little Grant playing with a puzzle.
I realized I don't have any "little" kid toys in the house.
Macey, Cassidy and McKenna playing in Cassidy's room
Abby and Caleb boxing on the Wii
Grandpa C's famous tacos


Becca said...

Sounds like fun! Wish Anny, Kass and I could have been in town. That store looks fun. I'll have to see some of the online stuff.

Nikki said...

so nice to have cousins close enough to do this!

Grandma T. said...

Yum on the tacos. I have enjoyed those more than once!