Monday, January 26, 2009

A Photo Documentary

Here is my VIP view. Like I said not so VIPish.
The TV in my room. I got to watch a lot of daytime television. It was a tad scary. I missed my DVR. I kept trying to rewind or skip past the commercials with no luck. I also had a hard time seeing that tiny t.v.
This is our bookclub selection for this month. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Very sad book. Interesting point of view because it's told through the eyes of a 9 year old boy. It made me depressed for the rest of the day. It is an easy read - I read it in a few hours.
The essentials - cute glitter cup from Monica, phone, favorite sippy cup, camera and ipod.
Don't forget the magazines. I got two of the same issue so I gave one to my favorite nurse.

My stylests (Mindy and Brooke) came in to do my hair. I felt like a celebrity. They washed it, blow dried it and flatironed it. We were laughing and have such a fun time. I wonder if the nurses thought I was someone important. I should have had someone come in and do my makeup and bring me some Harry Winston jewlery! That would have really made them think!
Oh the fun we can have no matter where we are.
Thanks Abby for taking the picture.
Abby and I doing a self portrait.
All done. I wish I could say I was beautiful but having just had surgery this is the best I could get. I should have thought of the jewels! Darn it♥
Here's my lovely scar and swollen neck and double chin.
Hopefully all three will go away soon!

Either I'm really skinny or this is a very large wheelchair!
I'll just say I'm really skinny. Ü


Crazymamaof6 said...

it will get smaller! and FADE!


love the double wide chair.

what fabulous friends! now i feel lame i didn't come visit.

very VIP!

Lori ~ LL-K said...

It looks really good!!! Considering that is the first few days!!! Wow... Like we talked about before keep it out of the sun! And that is going to totally fade!!! I never seen anyone look so good after surgery!!! You amazing me!!!

That was so sweet of your friends!!!


Nikki said...

Ouch! Whine all you want, that doesn't look like it feels very good.

What fun friends to come in and get you all dolled up. No matter how bad you feel, getting all done up makes you feel a little better doesn't it?

Love the love notes on your board. :)

Lynn F. said...

You are so much fun to read! I am amazed at your upbeat attitude even when you're hurting. Take care and hope to see you in person soon.

Jennifer said...

Looks like you fell among cut throats. ;-)

Keep mending...

idahohubers said...

Seriously, why do scars have to be so big? It's 2009 already! When is the medical profession going to find a solution. It looks like yours is going to heal up nicely though. I'm not digging my ankle scars at all. The doc said Mederma works, but I still need to get some. I think about you a lot - my glittery VIP cousin! Rest up and keep letting people help you. Speaking of glitter, I bought 4 jars at Hobby Lobby. Glitter on, Glitter on!

crystal said...

Ok, seriously. I don't check your blog for a week and THIS IS WHAT I SEE WHEN I STOP IN???? Sweetie, I had no idea. You are an amazing example. Truly.

And--you simply must incorporate that killer scar into your halloween costume this year. :)

sara said...

wow, you are amazing dealing with all your health problems, you are an inspiration...and by the way you look so great in all your hospital pics and i love that you got the royal treatment from your hair stylists...hope you are feeling even better today

Kass said...

What a week! You look great, and I hope are feeling good. Yes, you're skinny-hello, & yes all 3 of your physical worries will be gone in a flash.

It's crazy how sometimes we want to freeze time & other times we want to fast forward it. Actually how about DVRing it & then you can just skip it all together? If only that was what life was all about :)

Take care of yourself! Love ya.

Anny said...

Love the pictures. Especially all the pink essentials! That is the biggest wheel chair I have ever seen and you look like so tiny in it! I am glad your week is over and you are on the mend.
Love ya

Becca said...

I was noticing the same things as Anny, pink, pink, pink. (Kinda sounds like me, just a little:) ) You look so good for just getting surgery. You in that wheel chair reminds me of the comedian/actress Lillian Tomlin (9to5), she did a comedy act, acting as a young girl in a huge chair. It was funny. (I guess that tells a little of my age) he he.