Saturday, January 31, 2009


I went out to run errands today. Get a bit of yummy food for dinner tomorrow. No Superbowl Party here, although we will be watching the game. How can we not? Plus Cassidy has turned into a football fanatic (I think she likes a football player).

I was halfway through my shopping list and I got so tired. Jeez when am I going to be back in the game? I thought I'll just run over to Sams Club and get a few more things. I could barley make it home. So much for Super Woman. I know, I know - I just had major surgery and it hasn't even been two weeks. But I'm not one to laze around. I hate it! I lazed yesterday and read a whole book! I should be entitled to run a few errands.

I was thinking about the lack of energy and I thought, "well, I did just have an organ removed. I guess since they didn't put one back in and I'm not on my medication yet to fake my body out I could except tired." What do you do.

The weather is beautiful. I've been sitting in the sun trying to get rid of my sickly white palor. I think it's working. My freakles are coming back.

I watched two sappy movies last night and today. (How to Make an American Quilt and Fried Green Tomatoes) Total chick flicks with flashbacks to friendship and love. I loved them! It made me think how thankful I am for my friends and sweet husband. They are my lifeline!!

My Mom had a couple of life friends (you know- friends she had for my whole life heh-heh). They would talk and go shopping and have fun and take us kids to the beach. I'm thankful I had her example of friendship. We didn't have any family where we lived. We saw my Grandma every other year for a few months and my cousins twice untill I has a teenager. The friends we had growing up were our family. They still are our family. I still send Christmas cards to adopted Grandparents and Aunties and childhood friends. I hope my girls can grow up with great life friends like I've had.

Hope everyone is having a Sauper Saturday! Are you doing anything fun for the game tomorrow or will it be golf and tennis at your house? I would love to hear what you're up to!


Let Your Hair Down said...

Hey, Have you read "Remember Me?" from Sophie Kinsella? I have it if you want it-just finished. Hope you are feeling better.

Crazymamaof6 said...

dang it on being tired. it goes with the no meds thing. SUCKS! alot. worst part about the whole thing in my opinion.

hang in there.

good for you getting out and about. short trips.

and it does get better.
after the radiation. promise. it might take a little bit for everything to kick in but someday you will feel normal again.

Becca said...

So sorry about being tired. Energy will come back. We had a lazy Saterday, sort of, as well. We had friends come to town, they took their 12 year old son to the temple to do baptisms. While they were gone, we watched their other kids....I stayed in my p.j.'s until 3:30. It was so nice. Then, fed the kids, and the grown-ups went to dinner.
Super Bowl....we started watching it later and fast forward through the game and watched commercials. Some were a little risky :(. But, some were hillarious!!!

Kristyn said...

Cara! How did I not know you have such an awesome blog? :)

I'm glad I found you! Hoe's the photography going?

Kristyn McBride

Anny said...

I'm glad to hear you are getting out, even if it is a little! Saturday Zack and I went to the temple to do baptisms (so awesome), we had a couple of games, then Jim and I went out for date night and finished the night by grocery shopping for super bowl food! You know the super bowl was a must in our home and we had a house full of disappointed fans as we were cheering for Arizona. :(
Keep your cute chin up.