Monday, February 2, 2009

Lots of Linkys

I was browsing some websites of photographers from Imaging USA that spoke to us and I just loved this slide show. It's a link to Allison Rogers Photography. She's somewhere in the south with big beautiful trees and neat old houses which I think gives her that funky fresh style of hers. I just loved her and her hubby Jeff. They were fun to listen to and they had great ideas. I thought I'd share for your looking pleasure.

I also wanted to post some links of different sites I have been perusing this weekend for Valentine ideas. I found a few and as soon as I find more I'll share the love.

Joys of Home Blog

Joy's of Home Blog 2

Crafty Chicks

(The Mother Load in Craftiness)
The Craft Cow

A cute mailbox idea for the kiddo's
for notes and treats
The Berry's Patch

That's it for now. Today I put up as much Valentine Day stuff as I could find. Abby informs me there is more in the attic. I don't go up there so we will have to wait for Dad to come home and help us. He's good like that. I am trying to come up with some creativity for the mantle. So far - nothing - nada- zilch. Anyone have ideas of where to find cheap yet totally stylish V-Day stuff?

AS soon as I can I'll post photo's. Happy Monday!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

love love Joy's of Home! cutest blog ever. i love that i don't have to comment there too. since she doesn't know i lurk. yeah that is RIGHT I LURK ON BLOGS! hee hee!