Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Favorite

I don't watch T.V. commercials. In fact, my girls are not allowed to watch commercials at all. Since our trusty DVR has the ability to fast forward why would we watch commercials? Skip, Skip, Skip that's what we do over here - not only does it save time but we don't see all the crap!

While I was in isolation over the weekend I realized how much I LOVE skipping those dreaded commercials because I couldn't. No DVR where I was. So I had to watch. 99% were a waste. Except one. It was so funny (to me) that I was laughing - HARD! So I thought I would share. Just in case you are like me and don't watch commercials. This one should win an award for cleverness.

No More Butt Dialing

Let me know what you think. Hee - Hee!


Jenifer said...

I've been the recipient of many butt dials. I love shouting Hello? Hello? and no one can hear me. LOVE this commercial!

Katie said...

Hahahahaha! That was so funny! Thanks for sharing:) I don't watch commercials either, so I've definitely missed this one!

Kristyn said...

I agree! This is the funniest commercial ever! I l never watch commercials either, but every time this one comes on I watch it and giggle!

Becca said...

I haven't seen this one. It is funny. I love to listen to those who accidentally call me. Haven't gotten much dirt however. My pearl takes a lot of black pictures (my side button is the camera), that might be a good flip phone, I would have to wait for my phone to break, get lost, or end up in the dishwasher before I get a new one.