Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Did You Do This Weekend?

It's only a few years till these two will be out on the road - scary!

Friday morning Tom woke up itching to go anywhere but work. He had had a loooong week and an even longer week ahead. He said, "I want to go somewhere fun before I have to buckle down and have no time to myself. So we talked about it. I wasn't up for going anywhere. My kids had been farmed out for two weeks because I didn't have the strength to care for them (sad). They defiantly were in the need for some good old fun with Dad. That only left one place.

Lovin' the hat "Goofy Cassidy"

(like you hadn't already guessed!)

They found Cinderella at California Adventure!
What's she doing over there?

We still have our annual passes and it's only about 6 hours to get there. I hopped on the computer and got them a posh 31/2 star hotel in the Disneyland area for..............$47 a night. Score! Tom said they would eat Del Taco and Subway and maybe our traditional Outback on the last night so it would be mostly cheap. Within an hour they were packed and out the door leaving me all alone for three days.
Cassidy caught having fun and thrown in the slammer!
Now I know what you are thinking. I thought it too. Three whole days to myself - WOW! When was the last time that happened? Pre-married life? Ooh the things one can do! Clean out drawers, closets and cupboards. Organize, organize, organize with no interruptions! The possibilities are endless right? WRONG!!
Snow White is my favorite at Disneyland!
Her personality is so sweet! And her voice is so high!

Remember I had just had major surgery then the flu and couldn't do a darned thing but hang out in bed. All that free time was spent resting, sleeping, watching movies, reading and blog hopping. I finally called my friend Janae who had offered books and the sweetie came right over with a bag of six books hand picked for me. Is she the best or what? You are the best Janae!! I read one book in one day. That's all I did! Here's the positive, I did rest (hooray for me) and once the family came home I was feeling better. Much better than in they had been here all weekend. Because you know how it is.....Mom's just can't rest with kids needing you. Am I right?
The girls were happy to get Jesse and Woody's autograph.
In all the years we have never gotten them to sign our book.

Tom and the girls had fun on their little get-a-way. They would text me and tell me what they were doing, what ride they were waiting for and how busy it was! At one point my friend Annie texted me and said, "are you at Disneyland?" I texted her back and told her Tom and the girls were and then next day they hooked up and spent time together. I think the girls had more fun because they found their friends to ride rides with instead of just each other. You know how that is.
Frozen lemonade and cotten candy for lunch!
Only with Dad can you get away with this!

By the time they got home I was so lonely and bored and the house had been too quiet for too long! I hope they never leave me again! Even if I have a thousand things to do I'm going with them next time! It's just no fun around here without them♥
We love Mickey!!
and Minnie too! Love the Hawaiian outfit.


Becca said...

WOW! Three whole days. You spent it well. Good job for getting rest. Disneyland looks great, we may go in April:)

Anny said...

Sounds like fun for you and them, under the circumstances. I am glad you were able to rest and that Tom had some play time with the girls. Cute pics

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow! lucky kids! bummer you missed out and missed them.
it's hard not to i'm sure.

Lori said...

What a fun trip for the girls, and nice rest time for you! Next time you'll definitely have to go with them! I saw Tom at church and asked how you were doing. I've been thinking of you and hope you are well! Rest up and take care!!!

Lori said...
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Ros said...

This is gold, Cara! I am sad I didn't read this sooner. I love the spontenaity. Once when my Grandma (I wasn't there, but I heard the story) was sick my Grandpa brought home a case of payday candy bars. The family lived on pay days and milk for 2 weeks. These are the things kids remember! Seriously, what a fun bondingy way for everyone to let of some steam after the surgery (i'd say your support and the hourly texting kept you in it all).

Melody said...

Wow, way to go Tom! Taking the kids to Disneyland by himself. That must have been nice to have some uninterupted rest--you deserve it after all you've been through lately. I too though would be missing the family after a while. Let me know if there's ever something I can do to help your recovery speed along.

sara said...

I'm with you...i hate being left behind, all alone!