Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update on Wet Socks

I have to let everyone know that I'm not crazy - not even a little.
The Wet Socks Treatment worked GREAT!!!

Cassidy has completely stopped coughing and in the first two days! I kept doing the sock treatment for the full three days on her and I both. Abby had a little cough one night so I put Vicks on her feet and that seemed to be all she needed. I still have a slight cough and should have continued but I have been so tired at night all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep! The Mother never puts herself on the list isn't that right?

I am so happy to have this treatment as an option. I hate pumping medicine into my kids and having it not even work. This is easy, the kids think it's cool and IT WORKS!!!!!

To answer a few questions I've had:
1. Yes an MD told me about this treatment.
2. I do have ONE pair of wool socks. Tom's hiking socks. I used them on Cassidy and I used the thick, fuzzy, wear-around-the-house socks over my wet socks. It seemed to work just fine. Although I still have a slight cough so maybe the wool is the secret?!
3. Don't put the socks in the freezer. Even though Cassidy thought this was hilarious, the socks were flat, hard, and made noise when I slapped them together, it was too hard to get them on her feet. I vote for the fridge. The are cold, wet, and go on the foot quickly.

Good luck and hopefully you can get through the cold and flu season without having to go to the drug store!

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andrea said...

I don't know how long ago I found you(through onehm and crazymamaof6), and bookmarked your blog, but I was just browsing blogs Sunday night, clicked on yours and read the wet sock post. Bless you, bless you, bless you for posting that! My 7 year old had been sick and coughing like crazy for the last few nights, even with her robitussin and codeine cough medicine. So I OF COURSE was very interested. She thought it was hilarious, and I figured it wouldn't hurt her, so we gave it a try. It worked so well, I am still in shock! We did all three nights, and she got such wonderful sleep. Thank you for posting this! It is now something I will use every time I have a sick, coughing kid! :)