Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Picture Project

I have been in project mode over here for a few days.
I bought these frames at Kirkland Home for $12 bucks on clearance.
I love the wood and the shape but not the color or the print.
Black doesn't match my Garden View Cottage.
So I painted them.
I took them outside to paint with my trusty
Love that stuff!
Then I did a bit of sanding around the edges to give it a distressed look.
Put a new picture in the frame and Wha-La!
Boutique frame on a tight budget!

I'll post a picture of all three frames once I'm totally finished.
I have one more frame to do because I ran out and Home Depot is out of the exact paint I need (darn!).


onehm said...

Cara, I'm in LOVE! This looks amazing! (And I think I recognize that photo?? I love it when people PRINT their photos! ...i need to do more of that myself...)
You ROCK!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

ADORABLE!way to go. i have tons of projects i need to finish. or start. but have around. i am inspired!

Anny said...

Darling. We can't wait to see the other two pictures. They are so cute. Way to go crafty cara!
Kass & Anny

Becca said...

How cute. I'm not a very good project making type of a person, but you make it look so easy. It looks fabulous.

Ros said...

yes, seriously, so cute! I'm noticing your beautiful wood floors too. ... Here's a thought, are you glad now that you didn't get under that fixer upper on Fairview? curious.

I have been hesitant to paint frames, but yours turned out so well, I think I could try!

idahohubers said...

These are soooooo cute! The distressing is perfect. Hopefully it won't be distressing to do the other two! - it's late :)

The {Prince} Family said...

Love it!!! Now come do my house. I need color & someone who is talented. {that'd be YOU!}