Monday, April 27, 2009


I was reading our town's newspaper the other day and there was an amazing article (front page) about recycling. Now I'm one for helping to save the planet. I like to think I'm pretty knowledgeable in "Going Green" I mean one of my favorite shows is Living with Ed of all things.

But what surprised me was how many people don't know about recycling. Let me explain:

In the article I read it said that our town is one of the first towns to take all plastic recyclables with the numbers 1-7. Whoo-Hoo for me! I thought they only took numbers 1,2 and 6. 1-7 this is HUGE!! That means I can throw the yogurt, sour cream and cool whip containers etc. in the blue bin! I always felt bad about putting them in the trash. (they are a #5)image from

I was so excited about this new found information I was sharing it with whoever I would talk to. (Cause I'm annoying like that).
And to my surprise I got blank stares.
"What? There are numbers on the bottom of plastic?"
They would say?

So my question to you is:
Am I weird that I know a random fact like:
There are specific numbers on the bottom of
plastic containers that tell us if we can recycle or not?

I mean I fully admit I am weird. Normal is Boring my Mother always would say. But maybe I'm a little earth friendly weird? I do like our planet. And plants, (I LOVE plants) and clean water. I did grow up in California the capitol of Earth Friendly. I want solar panels and a solar hot water heater, and I don't buy water bottles, I reuse my sippy and take it everywhere I go. ghast! I am an earth friendly girl. Who knew?

I guess I will just have to share some earth friendly info on this post. Like the numbers on the bottom of all plastics. Check with your town. Find out which plastics they take. Maybe your town is like mine and will take all numbers 1-7. That way you could have more room in the black garbage can (which can fill up so fast!)

Earth Friendly Links:
Reef Safe Plastics
Planet Green

Oh, and thanks for still liking me even if I'm a little weird!


The {Prince} Family said...

ha ha Cara... this is why I love you! I knew there were numbers but sad to say that all my trash goes into the trash. We don't have recycling out here. I REALLY feel guilty when I come home from Sam's and have a billion boxes to toss when I am done unloading groceries. I wish there were a place I could take my stuff around here to recycle. Know of any?!

Cute post by the way!!!

idahohubers said...

Funny! I am more "earthy" than I thought too. When we first moved to Idaho I didn't think we had recycling because we didn't have that convienient blue bin anymore to fill up (I loved tossing recycling in those. It was so easy)

Anway one day I realized, duh we can still recycle. So now we save all our pop cans, milk jugs and food cans in boxes in the garage and take them to the big recycle bin at a local grocery store parking lot.

If Jake sees a can or jug in the trash he gets it back out or gives me a LOOK.

He wants solar panels too and thinks it would be sweet to be 'off the grid' and completely energy efficient!

Oh, and we did a ward recycling service project with our cub scouts!

If you are weird - then so am I :)

Becca said...

I did a post a little while ago about finding out about a recycling place in town. They only take #1 and #2 plastics, along with the tins, newspapers, milk jugs and alum cans, and cardboard boxes, but hey, that is better than nothing. When I lived in AZ, I got used to that big blue bin too, and felt horrible when I got here. It is a chore at times, but feel better when I get rid of it. And yes, my garbage is much smaller now!!!

Nikki said...

You're not weird- just smart. :) I knew there were numbers on plastic. I'm not sure if my town takes it all here, but they get it all from me. Can't they be the ones to throw away what they don't want? (and leave me with less guilt?) Our blue tubs are very full each week. Makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy!

Anny said...

Love the recycle bins, I put almost everything I can in them. Thanks for going a little granola on us :)

*katie* said...

Sweet! 1-7? I live in earth friendly California and our recycling only takes 1, 2 and 5! But, we do have the convenient blue bin and every now and then I toss other numbered items into it because I feel guilty about throwing it into the trash...I have this inner hope that they really are able to recycle it:)