Friday, May 8, 2009

Abby and Me

I'm feeling it.
Time slipping away from me.
I only have 10 days left with my little Abby.
After that she will be my BIG 1st grader Abby.
I'm not ready.
I keep telling her that I will be so sad when she leaves me to go to the BIG school ALL day.

"What will I do all day without you?" I ask her.
She doesn't seem to care that I will be all alone wallowing in my self pitty.
She answers back with much confidence,
"Oh, you can clean and go to lunch with your friends."
Um, thanks? I do that now.

What she doesn't understand is that in 3 months I will no longer be a parent with "little kids" I will have "BIG kids." A 1st grader and a 5th grader. What she also doesn't understand is how much I will miss my littlest best friend. I tell her but I don't think her 5 year old mind can quite grasp that concept.

Starting today I am planning on eating her up whenever possible, lots of snuggle time, packing in the fun so she will miss me too (if only a little) and creating very strong Mommy/Daughter memories. I know I know, this is what I am supposed to be doing ALL THE TIME. Yes, it's true, and I do. But this will be my last little bit of time with my baby. Then she will be BIG. And I'll have BIG girl memories to create. The baby will be gone.

So this morning we ate breakfast, took Cass to school, stayed in our PJ's, had her little friend over for dress up and dancing then headed over to Barnes and Noble for story time. We listened to stories, made a craft (for ME for mothers Day!) had a smoothie then I dropped her off at school. She gave me a BIG hug, said "I love you Mom" and skipped all the way to the gate. Happy little best friend that she is of mine!


Crazymamaof6 said...

So sweet! she's a lucky girl to have such a fun mama.

sounds like a Fabulous day.

Cindy said...

Oh my! I feel exactly the same about my kiddos!! It makes me so sad that they grow up so quickly -- TOO quickly. You are such an amazing mom, Cara!! Your girls are lucky to have you such a fun, crazy, loving mom!!

Jenifer said...

You seriously are the best mom. I no longer have kids in junior primary. That was weird. Time keeps on tickin'...

I LOVE that picture!

Becca said...

I get those same feelings. I felt a little jipped this year because they started kindergarten all day every day. I didn't even get to prepare. I do, on occasion, let her stay home from school just for the fun of it and hang out with me. Those are the best days.

The {Prince} Family said...

Make me cry!! I hear ya, my little guy is moving on to 1st grade next year too. :(

The {Prince} Family said...

by the way is Abby in preschool or a pre-K now? I am looking to put Saira somewhere next year that is around here.... any ideas?! Email me

crystal said...

That photo! Wow. You are gorgeous.

crystal said...

And i feel the same way. Mimi goes off to Kindergarten next year, and I've promised myself to pack in the time with her. I tried especially hard these last 4 months, while the big kids were off at school, to create those strong memories. She's been my little girlfriend all year. Sniff.

You said everything so well in this post! My feelings exactly.