Wednesday, May 6, 2009

About Last Night........................

.................... I got to sub at Bunko.
It was super fun and I am always game to sub for this group because we have such a good time. Last time I subbed I got lowest score this time - 2nd lowest score. Yes, I think the dice are against me. That's o.k.

One of my favorite things was the BIG pile of purses on the floor in the corner. Everyone - and I mean everyone had an amazing purse. It made my heart go all a flutter! There was a yellow leather purse with a BIG yellow leather flower on the front that I might just have to find. It was DARLING!!!!

For dessert Paige brought out the new Cold Stone Creamery Cupcakes. Have you seen these? I hadn't and they were not only too-cute-for words! But they were too-tasty-for-words-too! But I'll talk about them because I'm all about the words!♥
I don't eat dairy. I don't even cheat(very often) because of how it makes me feel after wards. But I was not going to let this treat pass me by. No sirree! And I have to say it was worth it! The chocolate cup was so YUM, the cake - moist, the frosting not too sweet and the ice cream (I had the sweet cream) was yummy! Who ever thought these up were brilliant! I'm so bringing these to my next something. Not sure what yet....but I'm bringing them BABY!

Thanks girls for the fun night. I loved it. I'm tired today but I got my house cleaned, floors mopped, laundry folded and had a Dr. Appointment. Very productive! And........I'm doing a very good job at tracking my weight watcher points. (even though I cheated and had that sinful cupcake).

This week is going to be a very good week!
I can feel it!
I'm thinking positive -
I don't weigh any less yet but positive is very helpful don't you think?

So here's to a great week,
good times and being productive.


Crazymamaof6 said...

BUnko was so fun last night! i always love it when you sub!

now that i'm reading the descriptions, i should have gone for the Double chocolate devotion. i had sweet cream too. and ate it all gone.

the purse pile is always fabulous!
hey 2nd lowest score , and lowest score is still better than right in the middle. TRUST ME. although every prize was fabulous.

way to go being productive. YOU ROCK! and sounds like you got tons. done.
hugs! love to see you!
and YOU LOOKING FREAKING FABULOUS BY THE WAY! i wish i could look as good as you! but i'm too lazy to commit to something like weight watchers. so way to go for sticking with it!

Cindy said...

Wow -- how fun! I LOVE Bunko!! Sounds like it was a good time! But...of course it was fun -- there were ice cream cupcakes!