Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Problem Solved

Last night I went into Abby's room where Cassidy and Abby were reading on the bed. I sat down and said,
ME:"Girls, I have a problem."
That peaked their interest and they looked up from their books.
ME: "When you get up, get ready and leave the house to go to school, what do you think I do while you are gone?"
They answered things like: clean, do laundry, run errands. WOW! I was quite impressed that they knew what I did!
ME:"And since you haven't been going to school, what have I been doing?"
Blank stares. I got BLANK STARES!
ME: "I have been playing with you right? Talking you to do fun things like the zoo, museums, lunch, swimming, friends, etc, etc."
They still didn't know where I was going with all this.
ME: "So back to my problem........since I have been playing with you ALL summer I haven't been able to get the things done that I need to do. Tomorrow we have nothing on the calendar so I am going to ask that we have a Mommy day and let me get everything done on my list. Cleaning, laundry, bill paying, phone calls, etc. what do you think?"
They thought about this.....they asked what they were going to do while I was busy.
ME: "You will have to entertain your selves. Play with the neighbors, watch movies, read books."
They thought about it and seemed to be o.k. with it.

So for most of the day I have been left alone. Wow! I have sure gotten a lot done. Phone calls have been made, Dr. Appointments have been put on the calendar, laundry has been finished and put away (thanks to the help of the girls) the house has been cleaned, I have even gotten to write this blog post! It's a miracle!!!! I should do this once a week!!! The girls are even having fun playing with each other. Another miracle!

(Abby trying to give some love to big sissy)

Thanks girls I feel much better!
What should we do tomorrow?

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Nikki said...

What a good way to approach this. They obviously want to help you out by staying out of your way for the day. Well done mom!

Sounds like a trip to the ice cream store is in order next!