Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Fun Ideas and More

I'm behind on my blogging.
Summer has taken up A LOT of my time!
We have been having fun though. We got our summer fun schedule all planned out and the girls are VERY excited about it! So am I to tell you the truth. I didn't plan anything for summer because I know it would fill up fast. I am sad I didn't do dive team but.........truthfully I didn't want to do it everyday! If it was 2-3 days a week I think I would have been more apt to sign the girls up. They are great divers!

We have already signed up for the Summer Reading Program through our local library. We did this last year and the girls had so much fun getting their prizes each week. (who knew little trinkets could be so motivating?) We also went and saw UP on Friday then went swimming. (and spent 4 hours planning the summer!)

Here's what we have going on in no particular order.
(we did organize it but due to the privacy of my girls I am going to be vague)

Summer Fun Schedule
(for those of you that have been asking for ideas!)

1. Roller Skating - we do this every year and it's a HIT! Boys and girls if you can believe it!
2. Bowling - fun for all ages! I just love to see the Little's try and bowl and the biggies get all competitive!
3. The Zoo - it will be HOT but that's o.k. This was Abby's pick!
4. Amazing Jakes - this is an amazing place and we tend to stay for lunch and dinner because the kids are soooo entertained! (plus it's a tad spendy so we want to make sure we get our money's worth!)
5. Two different local museums. I will be checking out the free passes at my local library! If you haven't heard - you can reserve passes to your local museums for FREE! I'll post details later.
6. We are going to a water park at night and inviting the Dad's! I think this will be our funnest activity of the summer! After we expend all our energy we are going to Denny's for a midnight breakfast! Doesn't that sound like so much fun!!!!!!!! (plus it's cheaper to go at night)
7. Swimming lots and lots of swimming! Here, there and everywhere. It's the only way to stay cool when it's over 110 all summer long!
8. We are trying to plan a quick Utah trip. Don't know if it will happen but would sure be fun if it did!

We had a very long list of fun activities we could have done but only had 9 Fridays on the calendar. So Sad!!! We might have to add a few more things on different days to fill the endless time we seem to have on some of the more boring days!

I have also set up a Cousin Day on Wednesdays with my family and Mondays with Tom's family. This way the cousins can get together and play and spend time together. It's so nice to have family so close. I consider this a HUGE blessing! I grew up with no family around so I love that my kids have a TON of cousins to play with.

Hopefully with all this fun my girls will be motivated to get their daily jobs and reading done. So far so good. I also have netflix for our movies and hopefully will get a new trampoline this week! We have been so lost without it (it died) and it's only been a week!!! My kids live on that thing!!!! However - the girls bought Hula-Hoops with their own money last week and that sure has kept them busy!!!! I didn't know you could do so many tricks with a hula-hoop! Did you know that Abby can walk across the house while keeping the hula-hoop going? And Cassidy can spin in a complete circle over and over while her hula-hoop keeps going too? Amazing!!! I'll have to take a little video clip and post it (I know how now to do it).

I'm off now to get some cleaning and laundry done. I'll post more of our adventures we have been having soon!

Here are the links to the free passes from the library. This is NOT just for AZ - it's going on all through the USA so check it out where you live!

What are some fun things you are doing this summer?


Ros said...

Hey! I have been thinking about you because I respect your blogging and FB ability. You think, pshaw, but seriously, I love that you keep up =)

Hope you have a wonderful summer

Becca said...

Sounds like a great summer. Mine is already packed, but we do have a couple of cousins' camp planned with lots of fun. We are going to a temple open house, and the kids are going to go to a nursing home and perform some of they're talents, along with some fun in the sun and mountains.

Cindy said...

You are one busy mama!! Sounds like a ton 'o fun that you're going to have with those little missies of yours!! You're such a fun mom, Cara!! :o) I love it!

uniquelynat said...

we are doing "friday fun day" this summer. this week we are gonig to the casa grande ruins and then swimming and pizza. i love that the ruins are like 2 minutes from my house. and a great "clutural" experience for the kids to learn about.

i have also been thinking of getting addie in the summer reading program. i think our kick off is on the 8th. best be checking into that.

thanks for the fun ideas!