Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tomato Time

The tomato’s are coming in and I am about to make a HUGE batch of salsa. I wish I knew how to can. Where is my Mother when I need her darn it! She was the Canning Queen. I could make quite a few jars of salsa and have them sitting on my shelf like a good little pioneer housewife. But noooooooooooo……………….I am without a Mother and without knowledge of canning. So we will make small batches and hopefully someone will take pity on me and invite me over to learn how to can some salsa! (hint-hint)

Tomato Helpers: Christian, Jacob, Cass and Abby


Jennifer said...

OK... canning is NOT that hard and it's in your blood. Come borrow my pressure cooker. Or ask Diane J. at Church tomorrow. She's genius at this stuff...

Webb Family said...

You need to come over & we can do it together.
We have tomatoes coming out of our ears!