Monday, July 20, 2009

Memory Monday

Last night and tonight we had quite the monsoon storms. After 15 years I have gotten used to them and actually look forward to the howling winds and pouring rain. It only happens one month out of the year - that's doable. Growing up in the mild climate of Monterey CA we didn't have storms like this. I think I can remember a handful of time I even saw lightning !

When Tom and I were 1st married my brother Matt came to live with us while he was going to collage. One night the lightning and thunder were SO loud I couldn't sleep and got up to get a drink. Matt came out about the same time and we ran into each other in the kitchen. It was dark so we couldn't see very well. About that same time a BRIGHT bolt of lightning hit lighting up the entire room. I had to laugh out loud when I saw my brother. His hair was standing straight up in the air, it looked like he had been struck by the lightning. It was really because he had gone to bed with is hair wet - so funny - I'm giggling now just typing this! I kind of screamed a little with shock then laughed really HARD!!! Ahhhh good times right there!!!

Have you had a funny experience with thunder and lightning?

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