Saturday, July 18, 2009

School Shopping

Yesterday was the day.  I told the girls I would only buy them ONE new outfit for the first day of school.  Of course that is hard to do when you have three girls out shopping at the mall.  We found some great deals at Burlington Coat Factory.  That right there is a hidden gem.  I wish I would have had more time to shop for ME!  There was CUTE stuff over in my department. 

Abby is quite the shopper.  She went over to her isle and came back with an aRmLoAd and tried each thing on.  She found her size and was in heaven in that dressing room.  She’s easy too – doesn’t argue if I say no to an item.  She just moves on to the next item and has a ball. 

Cassidy didn’t need much.  We had gotten her a new pair of Vans and a backpack HERE and she bought a cute pair of sandals with her own money.  I had the exact pair of Vans in Jr. High but they were blue.  My brothers still only wear Vans – In fact my brother Kurt came over after he had been to the gym and he wasn’t wearing Vans and it looked odd.  When we were at the Mall  Cassidy bought a hat – I will have to take a picture and show it to you.  She thinks she’s all that in it.  Cute.  She also bought a shirt with a vest and a tie.  Yes folks the 80’s are back in full force!  To get in the mood I have changed my 50’s music channel to the 80’s.  Gotta love Night Ranger, Journey and Duran Duran. 

I also found my dream shoes!  M&M and I found them months ago at DSW and they were $80.  We each had a pair on and were in love!  But at that price we reluctantly put them back.  Then we found them at Marshalls for $39.  Still a bit pricey.  Good thing I waited – I found them at Burlington for $16.99.  Yep!!!  And they had some in my size in BLACK!  I love them.  I will be taking a picture of them too to post!  I loved them so much I wore them out of the store and all around the mall.  My feet were in heaven (just like Bryan Adams that’s singing away on my TV).

 It IS all about the shoes isn’t it!? 

I’m off now to vacuum, mop, and clean the yummy toilets!!!  Wish me luck!!!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

love that the 80's are back. So fun!
gotta love it.

love shopping, finding shoes you super loved for a DEAL! best day ever. sounds like you had one. WHoohoo for shopping and happy girls that spend their own money! WHOOHOO!

and when they don't throw a fit when you say no. totally awesome.
sounds like a fab day!

i'm buying my boys Vans. love them. the one with the swirly stripe on the side. depends on the store what it's called (old school or bear cat)but they are DARN CUTE! those are the kind i wore in High school.

i want sparkley rhinestone crusted shoes for my girls.