Friday, September 18, 2009


cassidy 9copy

(picture taken by Sunshine and Shade Photography)

The boys have discovered Cassidy. 
I have to admit she is a fun girl. 
She plays football with them everyday out on the playground
and can name any football team if you ask her. 
She's a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl and last year
her two best friends were Cody and Alec.
I'm thinking 5th grade is when boys start to notice more than the fun.
The last two weeks she has come home saying that boys are asking, 
"Do you want to go out with me?"
Remember that? 
It didn't happen to me till 8th grade but I wasn't as cute as Cassidy.
I am loving her responses:
"I can't have a boyfriend till I'm 16, sorry."
They keep asking so she said this to one of them:
"It's only been a day....I'm still not 16!"
Two of the boys have given her necklaces.
She says she knows they are taking them from their sisters
cause what boy has necklaces just lying around.
Hee-Hee.  She's so funny! (and smart!)
Anyway, instead of fighting for her to let me do her hair she is spending hours in the bathroom.
She even let me put a big red flower in her hair today! 
And I didn’t even have to ask!                                                             
She's still a jeans and T-shirt kind of gal but with a dash of style on the side!
Watch out boys when she turns 16 you will have to stand in a very, very long line!!♥


Webb Family said...

NOt surprising at all! She is a beauty & funny too. Loved her answers to the boys. Cody & Kelsey just yesterday were telling me about what boys liked which girls.

Becca said...

You go girl. She is a beautiful young girl. I'm sure Jackson would like her if they were in the same school. :)

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness! Scary ;) You obviously have done a great job with her- so mature and she has your beautiful genes too.

Crazymamaof6 said...

super fabulous!

we have the boys like girls chats all the time these days. boy from the boys view and the girls.

love that she wanted to gussy up a little more. there's nothing wrong with t shirts and jeans if you wear a fabulous accessory.

uniquelynat said...

oh man i am NOT looking forward to those days....which will happen sooner than i'm ready (or than i think they should)

she's too cute! good for her that she knows the answers to give those eager boys!!

Anonymous said...

She will be 16 before you both know it. Enjoy the journey;) Feel free to call me and vent when she hits PMS!=}

robin said...

cara, i knew you had a blog and i'm so glad i found it! i love it and i love being able to catch up on all things clausen.

your girls are gorgeous!

remember how you used to be my favorite babysitter? yeah, crazy. now i'm 30 and have 3 1/2 kids. (it feels weird to even type that.)

anyway, i will enjoy checking in on you. . . do you mind? and tell that crazy brother of yours, joey, hi from me. do they have a blog?

-robin (shipley)

Anny said...

I'm not surprised at all, she is sooo cute, inside and out. 16 is just around the corner I'm afraid. I love the big flower look!

Anny said...

p.s. One of Max's best friends (until this year)was a girl who was the best football player and basketball player on their team. They are still friends but it's kind of weird now. Makes me sad.