Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Family Road Trip

Saturday we went out to Gold Canyon for a nice Saturday Drive. Tom had played golf out there a while back and wanted to show us how pretty it was. We had never been before and it was pretty – desert pretty. I can’t believe I am saying the desert is pretty but it really can be. I wish I could have gotten more pictures of the area around the golf course. There are these hills and valleys of cactus and big beautiful homes right up next to the green, green grass of the golf course. Stunning actually. GoldCanyon1

image courtesy of condo resorts

See how pretty the mountains are up next to that green golf course? I have a new appreciation for desert beauty. The houses were amazing perched out on cliffs overlooking views like this! Sadly a lot of them are sitting empty.


This is a picture I took at a crossroad we came to. I think this is a sign pointing to peoples houses. I would love to have a sign like that at the end of my road. How fun is that? When you move in do you get to make your own name board and hang it up? I just LOVE it! IMG_9461-1

This is Dinosaur Mountain. It’s not the perfect shot but I was in a moving vehicle while I was taking the picture. Can you see the dinosaur? I should have gotten a different shot, more head on.

As you can tell by the girls – the views weren’t as life changing as they were for me. Cassidy was ready to head home and Abby was playing her sparkly game boy. Still….we had a fun family day – that’s all that matters.




Anny said...

Sounds like a fun time. Great pictures, you are getting good!

Crazymamaof6 said...

love the pics. and the sparkle game boy, and the tongue as she concentrates. .