Thursday, September 17, 2009

i just can’t get enough of these cuties

zacy zoo



I wish my girls would be willing to let me photograph them.  These little guys were so fun to have over and oh-so-willing.  Little Zac was quite the poser!  And Will….he’s all smiles so it was a no brainer!  Anyone have kids who love to get their pictures taken?  I’m in the mood to do a shoot.


Crazymamaof6 said...

ME! me!

uniquelynat said...

oh you are SOOOOO welcome to (i almost said shoot hehe then i realized what it would say and re-thought. oops) take pics of my kids! i would love love LOVE it!!! and they would too. at least addie. and eph is such a ham he'll stand still for a few too. just tell me when and where and i'm so there!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Feel free to use my kids as props anytime=)
Laura Maroney

Anny said...

They are so cute. Do you travel to Utah?