Monday, September 21, 2009

Memory Monday

Back in 1980 my family set off for our first family reunion ever!  I was 8 years old.  I had not seen my cousins since I was 2 and I only had ever seen my first two cousins Kyle and Amy since the others weren’t born yet.  We were very excited for the trip and I remember while driving there I was looking out the back window at the desert scenery passing along behind us all brown and empty.  Not like the lush green ocean views I had grown up with.  All of a sudden I saw clothes flying all around as we sped on by.  It was our clothes!  We had our suitcases strapped to the top of our car and one of them opened and out flew all our clothes.  We pulled over and the kids had to wait in the car as my Mom and Dad walked along the side of the road picking up clothes.  Good thing we were in the middle of nowhere and there weren’t many cars going by.  I remember how embarrassed I was seeing my Dad’s underwear on a bush!

That was one of my most memorable family memories.  I made a new best friend with my cousin Amy who was a year younger than me.  i learned how to ride a bike by my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bill (I was 8 people).  I played with all these fun friends and realized that we were my family!  I fell in love with Amy and Lisa’s trundle bed and thought that was the coolest thing I had ever seen.  To this day I love trundle beds!  I remember walking in the creek, climbing up in the boys loft, taking a shower in my Aunts shower that had a floor length window to the outside secret garden so it felt like you were showering in the tropics.  I remember Joey being about 1 and eating so much lasagna that his tummy was HUGE and round!  We all remember that and when that trip is brought up the lasagna story is always retold! I loved every minute of that trip!


I have been going through the boxes of pictures I have in my closet.  Pre-digital pictures.  I want to get them all in albums so we can sit and look at them.  That is one of my favorite childhood memories.  We would go in the game closet and get the picture albums out and look through them all.  I had every picture memorized!  I want to be able to do that with my own children.  So instead of waiting to scrapbook them or photo book them they are going into leather albums I bought at Sam’s Club – 2 for $13.99.  Can’t beat it.  It’s the memories I want more than the creativity. 


As I have been going through and organizing pictures I found this doozy and have been  traumatized all weekend.  (I scanned it in so the quality is bad – it’s 19 years old)

cara provo 1980I'm sitting eating lunch with everyone and-have-no-shirt-on!!!! 

My brothers came over and I showed each one of them asking why Mom would do that to me?  You should have heard the comments!!!  They weren’t nice to their only sister I tell ya. 

I’m 8 remember?!?!  And what’s up with my haircut??  Jeez!  I remember my nickname was Christopher Robin and now I know why!  My word!!!!  Notice my new best friend cousin who has a darling little dress on and a ribbon in her hair.  Then there's me – n*ked as a jay-bird!  If my Mom were here she would have some explaining to do!!!  My Aunt Kathy is here and she tried to make me feel better but it didn’t work. 

So I ask you: 

Do you have pictures of you when you were young that can be blackmailed?

Do you have a favorite family reunion memory (and did it involve clothing)?

Did you have a bad haircut when you were little?

Hope you have a great Monday♥

(and please don’t judge me by my past (wink)


idahohubers said...

This is soooo funny! I can't believe you remember all that and you were just 8. I totally remember that shower. My parent's bathroom was so cool. Fun memories!

Jenifer said...

Ummm yeah. I have a blackmail photo. My sixth grade picture with my perm and HUGE bangs. It is completely dreadful. And my brother got a hold of it and made t-shirts for his whole family and they wore them to Moab. But I was wearing a shirt in my picture ;)

Becca said...

What a great memory. I love looking at old pictures. I do have a photo of Anny and I. I was probably 5 and Anny was 3. I had a shirt on, and she didn't. I chuckle to myself every time I see it. But, she was 3, not 8. he he. :)

SongBird said...

Cara- don't feel too bad. It looks like Matt (next to you) was topless too so maybe you just had a bath, or your Mom didn't want you to get taco sauce on your cute outfit....hmmm or.....I don't know:) I've got PLENTY of blackmail photos and hopefully they will never be up for public viewing.