Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Day Today So Far:

I can't seem to get going this morning. To be honest.......I haven't been able to get going all week! I feel so tired! I also haven't wanted to wear makeup all week and have had to everyday for something. I hate that. Makeup is great - takes away all you imperfections and enhances your features but sometimes I just wish I had beautiful smooth splotch free skin that required no makeup. Too bad Photoshop doesn't work in real life. Oh, I does - it's called plastic surgery (wink).

The other night I watched a show called Hoarders. It was awful!!! I laid in bed watching it with my mouth hanging open and my face scrunched up on a disgusted pose. Seriously it was horribly shocking how these people lived. It was so bad yet.....I couldn't stop watching it. I can't believe people can get to that point. It made me want to get out of bed at 11pm and start cleaning out every drawer, closet and cupboard. Every time I need motivation to clean - that's what I'm turning on. And by clean - I mean get rid of, de-junk, cleanse, purge. I do have a secretly bad habit I'm willing to share. My house looks clean when you come over - it does. The floors are swept & vacuumed, the counters are washed, dishes in the dishwasher. Things are neat and tidy. I like it that way. Clutter puts me on edge. However - my closet isn't tidy nor is the armoire that holds my present wrapping station and gifts and don't get me started on the laundry room! I do have several areas that need to be de-junked so fair warning - be careful what cupboards & doors you open when you come over. (Go watch that show, or at least watch the clips on the website. It will get you motivated in no time!)
I guess I will write my TO-DO list on the blog. That way I have no excuse to not get things done. I've made my list public (even though I don't think anyone will be reading this) so I must stay motivated even though I want to crawl back in bed and watch TV all day. ( I would read but I haven't gotten my book club book yet). Here it goes:

Cara's TO-DO list for Thursday:
1: clean kitchen - do dishes
2: make beds - put clean laundry away
3: open mail and sort
4: go to lunch with Abby - she's still having a hard time
5: make something for dinner since I haven't cooked since.........Sunday?
6: drink 88oz of water - two 44oz sonic cups)
7: bring paint in from the car that's been there since..........Monday
8. refill treasure basket

9: find some bathroom/bathtub pictures for my bathroom remodel that I'm dreaming of, like these below: pictures courtesy of house beautiful, country living, BHG

I think I will stop at 9. I'll let you know what I get done!


Nikki said...

I hope you were able to get it all done!

Ros said...

I think it's the weather. Seriously. It's heavy and muggy AND the seasons are changing and some of react allergically with just plain lack of umph. Can you see me raising my hand to say, "I relate to that" ?

Becca said...

I make about 5 to do lists every day. I love crossing them off when it gets done. I too need to d junk a lot in my house. Now, if I get just get my kids from being sick and getting to school :)