Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sprucing Up

Yesterday after I picked up the girls at the bus stop I drove by this house that was recently purchased in the same neighborhood.  The new owner has slowly been adding her personal touches to her new house. 

(I’m house obsessed so I notice these things remember?)

I had to stop right in front of her house and gaze longingly at her new spruced up front porch.  It was so pretty!  She had a little table and bistro chairs with bright pillows on them, large pots with hibiscus, small pots with bright pink annuals and little pots with chartreuse potato vines trailing down onto the porch.  (she has a large front porch).

That got me dreaming about my boring old front porch. Hmmm what could I do to make people (including me) stop and sigh at it’s heavenliness?  It’s small and gets mostly shade.  This will be tough.  The good thing is that it has cooled off considerably.  I have my doors open right now in fact.  This will make working outside in the garden much more enjoyable. 

I went onto Martha Stewart’s site and got a few pictures of inspiration for the porch and other rooms.


I just had to throw some Halloween pictures in there since I will be decorating soon for that fun holiday.  If you want to see more fun Martha Halloween pictures go HERE.

doorway-haunt-country livingThis is a picture from Country Living – I’m going to be making THESE bats for my door and entryway.  I can’t wait to do this with the girls – we are going to have some fun!

OK I’m off to find my Aunt some new reading glasses.  She’s been here since Saturday and can’t see a thing.  Maybe we will stop off at Lowes and pick up some plants.  Pictures of the porch coming soon♥


Jenifer said...

Are you kidding me?!?! You have the best porch in the neighborhood! Pretty flowers, always a beautiful wreath and those lovely roses!

Nikki said...

I am enticed! I'm dying to see this person's porch- and yours too after Jennifer's comment!

CindyLou said...

Cara, Cara, Cara!! I miss your LOVE for all things beautiful and cool! You have such an eye for that kind-of stuff. And I. do. not. So, can you please come help me with my house!?? Please?

crystal said...

Ohhhh, i can't wait for some free time tonight to explore these links. Thanks!

I'm back, after being blog-MIA all summer. Missed you!