Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Memory Monday now Top Ten Tuesday - I'm on a roll!!!

Top Ten Things I'm In Love With Right Now:

#10) Sparkling water with lime.
#9) Key Lime Kooler shower/bath gel from Ulta.
#8) Pandora Radio - it's free and I've been listening to the Paul Cardall station I created. Awesome piano music!
#7) Anything with Pesto or Basil in/on it.
#6) Reading to my kids. We just read Hansel and Grethel last night.
#5) Gluten Free Chocolate Cake with chocolate frosting - surprisingly better than regular cake!
#4) My Cinnamon Vanilla candle - it's tricking my senses into thinking it's Fall around here.
#3) Walking "Hills" on the treadmill at the gym. I am up to level 6 and so proud of myself!
#2) Working in Abby's classroom. -It's been such a blessing for us both♥
#1) My Husband - he took me to lunch yesterday and it was so fun!

♥If you do a Top Ten Tuesday leave me a comment - I would love to see your Top Ten♥


Jenifer said...

I should do one....but first i may go out and buy a candle like yours!

Lauralee said...

I will try to come up with a list... I sure love reading your blog.. you seem so positive- anyway... just love it!

Kass said...

It has been fun catching up on you. I am just composing myself from the memory monday pict. Classic. Seriously...that is me in every picture in my oh so long awkward stage. Your girls are darling. Miss you!

CindyLouWhoo said...

I'm loving Pandora right now, too! I've got a stinkin' FUN 80's station dialed in and I love it!

And good for you for walking HILLS on the treadmill! I wish I had your ambition and spunk, Cara Sue! I miss you!!