Wednesday, October 7, 2009

cake, girlfriends and being a cool mom

Yesterday I went to the cutest place for lunch with the girlfriends. It was birthday time so we had to celebrate. One of the girls found this darling little cafe that served us yummy salads with little macaroon cookies on top. Each chair at the tables were painted a different color (or colors-they were quite Mary Engelbreitish) and had a local business ad painted on it somewhere. What a great idea! I love clever people.
After we were done eating the waitress brought out two of the most divine little layer cakes made for just one person with a candle on each. One white – one chocolate. Well, we thought it was white until we had a taste. It was unbelievable. Seriously! It had this yummy, creamy not quite cream cheese frosting but not a true butter cream either. The cake, come to find out was some kind of caramel cake. I have got to find a recipe for it. We were all dying over it. In fact we gobbled it up with not much left over!
I just went and did a search. Can’t find it but Paula Dean has one that sounds pretty darn good! Why are things that taste so good so bad for us? Jeez!
This morning Tom and I woke up at 7:55am. Oops! The girls are supposed to leave for school at 8:30am. I was about to get up to start the rush when Tom said, “lets let them sleep” and pulled out his book. The covers were so cozy and I was so comfortable I said O.K. and pulled my book out too. We read till about 8:30 when the girls came in. Cassidy saw the clock, had a panicked look on her face then crawled in with us. I guess she figured “oh well” just like us. I felt like a cool Mom having a lazy morning with my little family. I hope the truant officer doesn’t find out. Is there a truant officer in elementary school?
Today I’m off to clean and prep for book club tomorrow. Most of my decorating/remodeling plans have poofed into smoke but I’ll live. It will still be fun even if I don’t have new doorknobs, an ottoman, my bathroom painted, etc.
Have a happy Wednesday! And here’s a fun quote for you and me.
What’s on your To-Do list?
What’s your favorite cake?


Susie said...

What isn't on my to-do list is the question. I suppose if we didn't have things to keep us occupied like endless house upgrades we'd be bored right?
I LOVE that you guys had a lazy morning. You made me feel better for the day I let Liv not go to school on the way to school. :)
She needed Mommy time.
Fave cake...Oy! Where to begin. Oh first let me tell you that Maya Angelou has a wonderful cookbook that I have called Hallelujah! The Welcome Table. In this book is an amazing recipe and a glorious picture of a Carmel Cake which I had never heard of. Get the book. You won't be sorry. It has wonderful stories and delicious recipes. Try the Suffocated Chicken Yum. Ok, lost my train of thought...Can you post the name of the restaurant? When we head to the Valley I would love a new place to have lunch. :)
Ok, I'm hungry now. Susie

Susie said...

Oh my goodness! I owe you BIG! The Picasa things is wonderful!!!! I have been trying to figure out a really tasteful way of posting all of our family pictures from our last photo shoot. Bingo! This is awesome. I will share with my Blogging friends tomorrow. Thank you for your help. It is so easy to use! :)

Dancin Queen said...

Oh I LOVE that quote! That is awesome!

Ros said...

I love it! I love M.E.!

Good luck with book club tomorrow... after all, it's not the doorknobs that matter, it's who walks through the door =)

Hope it's wonderful!


Becca said...

What a great quote. I've had the same to do list for two days..... just can't or maybe don't want to get it done. Pay bills is a must tomorrow, along with washing my kitchen floor and cleaning my bathroom. Yuck.