Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Things I Love Right Now

10.) cooler weather – no AC!

9.)   warm soaks in the tub

8.)   the girls new haircuts

7.)   my clean floors

6.)   lunch with my hubby

5.)   traditional home – mag & site

4.)   catching fire – suzanne collins

3.)   texting

2.)   the spiders on my door

1.)   my halloween pictures – by ashley   (last year)








Jenifer said...

Oh my cuteness! Love these pictures! I am LOVING this weather. Blissful!

Anny said...

Your girls are to die for. Love the pictures. I hope I can pull off 5 costumes again this year, ugh.

Susie said...

Such amazing costumes. And beautiful pictures!! Love it.

Dancin Queen said...

You need to live here so you could go to Gardiner Village with me and see the witches and we could dress up and giggle together.

Andrea said...

I ♥ the cooler weather! It means I get to leave my back door open all day & evening! YAY!

SUPER CUTE Halloween pics!!!