Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Favorites of Fall Break

**before I list my Top 10 I want to mention how blessed I was all last week. I had so much patience with my kids, projects, disaster of a house, neighborhood kids in and out and much more. Even though I had a heck of a lot going on over here and the house was a mess the entire week I wasn't stressed one bit. I let my kids play without worrying about chores and jobs. I didn't get upset when my painting project turned into a week and a half long ordeal. We had such a delightful time and the only way I can explain it is by being blessed with patience.

10) Being able to have the doors and windows open
9) Hearing laughter all day long while the kids played
8) Picnics on the front lawn in the shade with a nice cool breeze
7) Staying up late and sleeping in
6) Spending the day at the pool/beach in the warm (not hot) sunshine
5) Having Cassidy's mattress in the family room for three days. Oh the fun we can have with a big bed in the middle of the room!!! Reminded me of when I was little and my Mom did the same thing with us.
4) Painting Cassidy's room GREEN
3) Painting Abby's room PINK - my two favorite colors
2) Ending the week with all four of us going to the ASU game
1) Having Patience during the entire week and enjoying every moment


Lori ~ LL-K said...

sounds simply wonderful!!!

Alice said...

missed you on Sunday! Alice