Saturday, December 19, 2009


Anton Steele

This is our nephew Anton.  He is leaving on Jan. 6th to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He’s going to The Georgia/Armenia Mission next to Russia.  He was adopted into our family by Tom’s brother Mike & Colette 5 years ago from Russia along with his two sisters.  We have been lucky enough to have spent the last few months hanging out with him while he has been staying here (they live in Missouri)  We love him and my girls think he is the greatest thing!  I’m not sure if the feeling is mutual but they make up for him not being with his 9 brothers and sisters back home.  He is handsome, strong, smart and going to be a great leader out in the mission field.    I can’t wait to hear all of is wonderful stories!  The language is very hard to learn but he has an edge since he speaks fluent Russian!  Anton we love you and will miss you when you are gone.  Thanks for hanging out with us every night!!!

♥I love the picture of Cass and Anton ♥


Anny said...

What a great opportunity to go an preach in Russia. I'm sure he will do great. Sounds like you are lucky to have him around for a few months.

Becca said...

He looks like a great young man, and a happy one. I'm sure he loves being around you guys..... who wouldn't?