Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Every year we go to my brother Kurt's for Christmas Eve. We have a program that’s all about the Savior and the kids act out the night of Christ's birth while we read Luke 2. It’s a tradition that we wouldn’t miss for the world! This year Abby and Garrett were Mary and Joseph with baby Will as Jesus. If you notice in the pictures below there was a slight baby change when Will had a fit and didn’t want to play out his part. Luckily we have had a baby every year to fill the roll. The pressures on for next year! Who will have the next baby to fill the roll?????
Abby and Garrett – cute as can be!
These two are still best friends which makes me so happy!

They are so cute♥
Baby William happy now that Mama is holding him and he doesn’t have to be wrapped in swaddling clothes.
Below is the new baby Jesus – baby Taylor. She’s a girl but we’ll let it slide.
IMG_1001 IMG_1002
Is Berkeley the cutest Sheppard ever?
The cast and crew – they did a great job. Our narrator had a hard time keeping a strait face – he did more laughing than talking. It was so funny – not sure why he was laughing but funny none-the-less!
Christmas 09
Then we had the kids sing some songs. Zac sang "10 Little Reindeer", Cass and Abby sang "Joy to the World", Garret sang "I'm getting nothin' for Christmas" , Morgan and her sister sang and Harley stole the show (he’s 3) by singing "Bringing Home My Baby Bumble Bee" – all the verses! I think he is going to be in show business some day. We then watched an amazing video that Pam had made. It was so wonderful! Great Job Pam!!
IMG_1023 IMG_1024
Grandma Patty (Aunt Pam’s mom) gave all the kids pajamas. The kids look forward to this every year! We are so thankful for her and her sweet generosity. Abby was so excited about hers because it had frogs on it just like the ones I gave away a few months ago! (Cassidy didn’t get in the picture because she was the 1st one to open hers and ran into the bathroom to change.)
We are so thankful for Christmas traditions and for Kurt and Pam for hosting this wonderful night for us to enjoy.


Crazymamaof6 said...

what a fun christmas eve! love your traditions!

Anny said...

I love the nativity tradition. We do the same thing and have always had a baby Jesus too. I think we are all done and wonder what the next few years will bring. Great pictures!