Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Thoughts

I am officially overwhelmed.
I was trying to keep it under control but I've pretty much lost it now.
I'm very behind in pretty much everything:
the shopping,
the friend/neighbor gifts,
the baking - I think that's going out the window
the cards,
the wrapping,
trying to keep up with the blog,
my house is a disaster,
I haven't made dinner in days,
we don't have any milk,
I have PMS,
I don't know what to get Tom or his parents,
Today is Cassidy's birthday and I bought cookies from Paradise Bakerey -
I bought cookies!!! I still can't believe it - I think that's a moral sin over here.
And to top it all off I have been sitting at the computer since 9am this morning trying to figure out how to order my Christmas cards!
See............I don't have it all together-
so if you have ever thought I do have it all together,
now you have proof that I don't.
Feel Better?


Becca said...

I'm with you there. I just wrapped a present per child today so they think they are getting something. I have no idea what to get friends. Dinner? Can you say corn dogs and frozen pizza? Sam just bought his Christmas present so I'm good there, and the kids are mostly done. But, everything else is a wash. I guess I still have two more weeks.

Susie said...

I'm right there with you Sister. It all started the week before Thanksgiving when I forgot about my first born daughters program at school. When I finally got there she was sobbing. Good's been all down hill from there. I just got the decs up on the tree but the rest of the house is in shambles...and I mean like a bomb went off. Don't be too hard on yourself. You are in good company. Or at least you are in like company. :)

crystal said...

Don't be overwhelmed! Let some of it go! Simplify and you will love what you DO end up doing.

Easily said, I know ;)

Crazymamaof6 said...

WHEW! thank you for sharing this. becuase seriously, i'm feeling much better now.
hang in there.

Anny said...

I love you! I don't know what else to say. I want to tell you I'm giggling - not at you, hopefully with you. Soooo understand and thanks for reminding me of friend/neighbor gifts. I just remembered teacher gifts yesterday and added that to my list.
We can do this - you're the best!

Brandi said...

Like your pics! Very professional and the girls are adorable. Don't stress-your the best!

Megan said...

I understand!!
I want to cry for you (but i used up all my tears on me).
I totally think it is ok that bought cookies just this once. You have to know your limits!
Good luck with your to do list!