Monday, December 21, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

gingerbread houses

Tonight we made gingerbread houses.  The girls have been asking to make them since December 1st.  It’s such fun you know!  We invited our favorite Family Home Evening buddies over and had each family make one. IMG_0953

That frosting thing Cass is holding I bought at the $1 section at Target.  It worked great!!!  I may have to stock up on them – they would be a great gift.

 IMG_0955 IMG_0957

I had the brilliant idea the other day to decorate the houses BEFORE you put them together!!  DUH!!!  Tonight when we opened the box and read the directions can you guess what it said?  The same thing.  Why-oh-why have I never done that before?  We always put the house together then decorate it.  Let me tell you if you don’t already know.  Put the house together last – it saves a lot of grief.  And………it turns out cuter♥

IMG_0973 IMG_0976

I love how they turned out.  I wish we would have iced our roof and then put sprinkles on it like the others did.  But it still turned out cute!  I also did an icicle border for the 1st time!!!    The girls did most of it I promise♥

Have you seen these gingerbread houses on Flicker?  I had so much fun looking at them all yesterday! I saw one that had frosted shredded mini wheat on the roof.  It was like a thatched roof with snow– so darling!  I would have done it to our little house but I completely forgot until right now – darn!

I also have a favorite blog that I read who has a gingerbread house made out of WOOD!  She decorates it for every holiday.  I would love that!  How cute would a Valentines house be?  Easter?  4th of July?  Halloween!!  You know there is candy in every holiday color now days.  The best part is – once you are done with the “gingerwood” house you stick it in the sink and wash it off till the next holiday!  What a fun tradition.  I’m kicking myself I didn’t order one when her SIL was making them years ago. Oh well.

♥What is your favorite holiday tradition?

♥Would you love/hate to decorate a gingerbread/wood house for every holiday?



uniquelynat said...

of course SO cute! right- why wouldn't we all think of decorating first!! we are doing ours tomorrow....and we will most likely employ this technique!

i think the gingerwood house is a BRILLIANT idea...though i'm not sure i would use it as much as it should be used. so it might be a waste on me. i feel i seem to be lazy when it comes to decorating for holidays....i don't like putting the stuff away afterwards. oh well....

merry christmas steele fam!!!!

Christi said...

Oh my gosh! Why have I never thought of that before? How liberating!

Anny said...

Very cute. We did ONE for our family and it was very simple. You're so creative!