Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Helpful Ideas

I don't know about you but I can use all the help I can get right now.
Cassidy and Tom have been home sick which has eaten up time that I have little of.
How many days till Christmas?
I don't know - I do know however that I am down to the wire and time is running out!
Is it for you too?
I thought so.
Here are a few helpful tips and ideas I have used in the past or am going to use this year.
Let me know if you have any tricks you want to share♥
Reindeer Food - I have done this every year and the kids LOVE it! Abby made a huge batch last night by herself and I printed the tags off tonight. She's giving one to each kid in her class.

Ugly Sweater ideas - who knew this was a HUGE deal? I didn't until this year.
you are going to laugh your hiney off when you look at these photo's!

Making the world cuter - there are tons of ideas on here!

Sisters Stuff - I love the hand sanitizer idea - there are lots of ideas on here - one of which I am going to steal for my neighbors (wink)

Clover Lane - my newest blog crush. She's always got something clever and I'm digging her photo ornaments. I just ordered mine for this year from Arts Cow. They are another great site. My brother and I are HUGE fans of arts cow.

One of my favorite daily e-mails is from todays creative blog there's all kinds of goodness flowing from this amazing blog. Everyday she features a different crafty blog. I'm sure you have heard of it - if not - hop on over and enjoy tons of great ideas.

Some ideas from my blogging past:
The birthday tree
Friend and Neighbor gifts - easy and may happen again this year.

Things I have gotten from friends and neighbors that I love that might inspire-I'm all about sharing the ideas♥

Mexican Vanilla, treats of any kind, chocolate dipped pretzels, holiday bingo game, Christmas Video, LDS General Conference on CD for the car (our friends gives us this every year), Christmas videos, a nativity set, Christmas Music CD, Jingle bells for our front door, an ornament (I love getting ornaments), family cookbook & an apron. There's more but my brain is about dead so I'm stopping here.

What's some of your favorite gifts to give and get?
Have any blog links to share?
Are you ready for Christmas?


Crazymamaof6 said...

FABULOUS! i went to TWO ugly sweater bunkos this year.

great ideas!

and yo! i copied you and got those dresses like in the header for my girlies and they looked darling! all 3 of them wore them to school today. FABULOUS! it elicited some serious oohs and ahhhs at the orchestra concert for those that just saw 2 in them. the third was dressed in formal attire.

Anny said...

Great ideas. Maybe tomorrow I will have a second to look at them.