Monday, January 25, 2010

20 Days

Until Valentines Day.

I love this holiday.
It's one of my favorites.
Last year I missed it because I was having radiation therapy for dumb thyroid cancer.
This year I am going to make up for it!
My husband and children will be getting spoiled with so much love they are going to be sick of me I'm sure♥

Wouldn't this be a cute gift?  It stamps your letters.  I love how I could make it say:
Tom + Cara 
Garden View Cottage
you can buy them here

I wanted to make these last year with the girls but that fell thru.
 I was not up for crafting in the months of Jan & Feb.
I love this idea because you can use your old crayons
and boy do we have crayons coming out of our ears around here!

Wouldn't this be cute for my book club girlie's?
Martha always has the cutest ideas.
And most of them are do-able.
 Most, not all.

I can't forget Flower our cat.  Or should I say, my girls never let me forget Flower the Cat.  These are little sweater hearts filled with catnip.  She would love these!  I don't know if I would love a crazy cat?
(this BTW is NOT my cat - it must be one of Martha's)

I did these last year and will be doing them again.  The girls love giving something out to their friends.
I think I may have to send out Valentine cards to my family, Shabby Princess has such cute ones!

 Or I could do something like this. 
20 days people - 20 days.  I'm ready♥


Crazymamaof6 said...

LOVE valentines DAY.

since you joined my super exclusive cool club? radioactive moms unite!
a year! congrats. you survived your first year. do you have any follow up arranged yet?

can't wait to see what cuteness you whip up!

Susie said...

Thyroid Cancer!!! What! Oh my lady. You are a Survivor. Hooray and goodness you deserve all the love and kisses on Valentine's Day. I love it too but it seems I always miss it. I need to get a move on and by the way how on earth did you do that amazing photo of your little Abby. Share tips please. I would love to do that as a card for the fam.

onehm said...

It's such a fun holiday!!!
And these ideas are darling. Thanks for sharing!

idahohubers said...

Those ideas are soooo cute! I want to do something special for Valentine's this year so now I have a place to start... BTW I never get tired of hearing about your sweet bike ;)

Anny said...

She looks so darling. Love Valentines Day