Friday, January 29, 2010

♥700 Posts & a Give-Away♥

Yesterday I realized something HUGE!
HUGE I tell ya!
My last post - my Top 10 Tuesday Post - was my.....
700th post!
I can't believe it.  
700 posts, WOW this is so huge for me.

I have never been a journal writer.  I remember writing in my journal on Sundays laying under my Dad's grand piano.  My Mom made us write starting very young but it didn't last more than a few years.  Then when I was in Jr. High I got a new journal and wrote all kinds of crazy embarrassing stuff about my friends and boys and twelve year old things.  When I read it a few years later I was so embarrassed that I kid-you-not I never wrote in a journal again.

Not until I started blogging.  It was hard at first and I worried and fretted over every post.  My spelling and grammar were horrible.  (I have always been a terrible speller) But I loved reading other people's blogs and I loved getting comments from my long lost friends who I didn't get to see or talk to anymore.  And I loved making new blogging friends.  I had found my niche.

I have 701 posts under my belt (including this one) and this is my fifth year writing about my day to day life.  I have had 72,156+ people read my blog, my spelling has improved immensely and my grammar - a little.  I am so thankful for my friend Jen who stated me on this incredible journey.

This is all so exciting I thought I would do a giveaway.  I think 701 posts deserves a prize to be given away to one of my lucky blogging friends.  What do you say?  Are you in?  Are you ready for the rules?

Rules for the 701 Give-Away:
1)  You have to leave a comment.  Yes, I know with Google reader it's hard to leave a comment and maybe you read my blog but haven't ever left a comment before.  Now is your chance!  You can do it - that is, IF you want to win a cool prize.
2)  In the comment you have to tell:
      a) how long you have been blogging,
      b) how many posts you have,
      c) tell something nice about me.  i.e. you are so pretty or I want to give you my 2 year old etc.
      d) I was just kidding on #c

That's it, leave a comment, win a prize.  Easy Breezy.
Want to know what the prize is?
It's a good one!
I'm going to give the lucky winner a gift card to one of my favorite scrapbook sites.
Shabby Princess
Valentines Day is coming up and she has such darling V-Day things you can download and make for your kids, home, blog.  She is just too cute not to share.

So leave a comment and maybe you will win♥
Thanks for a wonderful five years and 701 posts.  I'm better because of you my faithful blog and blogging friends!

(BTW the picture has nothing to do with the post - I just thought it was pretty. It's by ARTIST Bessie Wessel)


Vidal's Nest said...

Fun! Who doesn't love a giveaway eh?
I started blogging in April 2008. I have 268 posts!
I actually started blogging cause of you! I loved your blog and the idea of blogging! I actually had never heard of blogging till I moved into our ward! Crazy huh?
My life isn't as perfect as yours seems to be and I am SO not as together as you are and that was a HUGE hurdle for me in deciding to blog. I would never be as together but I finally thought..what the hell...everyone loves a train wreck~ So thank you!You are a rock star!
BTW!You are welcome to my two year old. No give backs though!

idahohubers said...


a - 2.5 years
b - 350!
c - Your HOT! Especially in MAC make up ;) and riding your bike! AND I would happily give you my two year old if you would return her/him to me when they turn 4.
d-I'm not kidding on #C

Anny said...

Love it!
a-Feb. 2008 (Thanks to YOU!)
c-Everything about you! Great wife, mom, sister, and friend. You're funny, creative, super smart, and you love life.

My two year old is now potty trained so you might enjoy her a little more.

Erin said...

700 posts that's impressive!

a. blogger since May 07
b. 413 posts
c. I don't have a 2 year old but there are lots of days when I would give you my 3 year old. You are a great mom.

Christi said...

a) Blogging since Oct 09
b) a piddly 44 posts
c) Can you believe it... I don't have a 2 year old! That's like the only age I don't have!

Jenifer said...

YOU got me going on blogging. You and Lori told me about it at lunch and I will be forever grateful. I'm going on 2.5 years, 400? posts.
You are one of the most amazing people I know and you always inspire me. With your amazing personality, your mothering skills, your decorating skills, I'm always in awe of you. And I'm not just saying that. I truly look up to you. (even though I'm much taller) ;)

Becca said...

What a great post. 701 wow! I was going to blog about my measly 201 posts.

a. Feb 29, 2008 (because of you and Anny)
b. 201 posts
c. you look awesome on your bike, and love your home.

cassens99 said...

Okay, I started blogging because of you. That seems to be a common theme in these comments. And I haven't blogged since my daughter got home from her mission because I think I blogged because I was lonely for her and it made me feel closer to post her picture and write things about her.

Perhaps I have in the 20-30 range of updates. But they are all from the heart!!

You are my favorite neighbor, hands down and we are sort of related because I am grandma Diane to your two daughters. I love going to the restaurant store with you because we are very frugal even though we want to buy everything we see, even those big hunks of meat!!! Sadly I have no 2 year old to give but if I did, you would be my first choice. And you are beautiful and I will be so sad when you move to that big giant front door you dream about!!

Erin said...

700. This is A LOT of posts.

I only have 253 and I've been blogging for 3 years.

I cannot give you my baby, but I might give you my 5 year old. Might.

I Think you are beautiful, talented, and fun. And I'm not just saying that.

Nikki said...

Congratulations on 701 posts and creating an awesome journal!! I have been a bad follower. While I have read every post you've written, I haven't been leaving comments lately. Sorry. :(

a)since November 2007
c)you are an inspiration to me... your attitude, your style, your creativity, your determination through multiple challenges!!
d) I know you were kidding, but there is plenty of good to say about you!

Susie said...

5 years! Wow. I wonder if I will be blogging in 3 years from now.
A- 1 year 4 months.
B- 116 posts.
C- You are a wealth of good blogging knowledge AND those great blue eyes, I always wished I had big blue eyes...kind of a stretch for a Korean girl. ;) Then I married a blue eyed boy and had a blue eyed babe. :)
I love your blog...
Oh BTW, don't enter me in the contest. I am not a scrapbooker. :)

uniquelynat said...

I would love to win! and i wouldn't even care if you told us or not, cause i know whatever you were giving away would be amazing and totally cute.

1: 2.5 yrs first post on Sep 11, 2007
2: 338 posts
3: you are one of the most positive people i know. and i don't have a 2 year old to give you but i have a 3 yr old and some days i would LIKE to give him away. the only problem is i'd probably want him back later. sorry! however if you have offers for more than one i will gladly take one too! :) hehe

Janae said...

hey lady you are the greatest and I love reading your blog as for all the answers to your ?'s 2 years i think and only 60 posts!! i need to get better huh!! enjoy all your comments and notice how wonderful we all think you are!!

Ros said...

65 in 16 months... Did you notice, I used baby time terms? That's because I still feel very wet behind the ears at this blogging thing! I am cracking up at the idea that you actually worried over your spelling, grammer and content! I think this is one of the greatest gifts you share with us when you post: your humanness with humor. Boy, I wish -- or my family wishes my humanness was accompanied by similar sense of humor =D Love ya girl!

Lauralee said...

a.March 2006, so almost 4 years! b.Between my 3 blogs- my vinyl, private and onesweethapplife I have 743 posts! are adorable! I love your down to earth, sweet, and real posts! I love coming to your blog, I think I found it originally when I was looking for blogging tips... so thank you for posting those!
You are great!
Love your blog!

Stephanette said...

I have been blogging since February 13th of 2007.

I have written 327 posts.

I started blogging as therapy because I moved back to my hometown when all of my friends had left and had to learn to help people see past the eight year old in pigtails that they remembered.

Something nice about you?
You're totally relatable, which I love and you've encouraged me to do the 52 Blessings Project which is slowly changing my perspective.

I hope I win! Congrats and Viva La Blog!

Think Pink said...

Hi Cara :)
I have been blogging for about 2 years now. I have 169 posts. I was inspired by you and your beautiful blog! I love catching up with you and your family!
Take Care!

Crazymamaof6 said...

YAY! 701! awesome!

i'm skipping around on your answers because, well i'm ADD and , because i just wanted to say the nice thing first before i put the insane # of posts on here and feel showy or something. not my intention. you asked.

nice thing- you were my first blog crush. and my first blog friend i met in real life. "OH MY GOSH! is that CARA FROM GARDEN VIEW COTTAGE?" ((GASP IN AWE))Sigh. i'm glad we have become real life friends. always love to see you. love your comments. and just plain love ya lady!

ok now for the details.
1,967 posts written. (i have lots to say but 141 were never posted)

since march 20th 2007. almost 3 years. GASP!

i was never a journal writer either and did the same as you. exactly.

and i wanna win, because you love me the best. just kidding you so don't .

hugs! congrats! love your posts, and glad you are getting back in the groove.

Brandi said...

A. Since 2005
B. Don't really know. But maybe @ 400.
C. The best well rounded individual I have ever met! The most creative. The most fun. The most loving. The most energetic. Simply the best person ever!
D. Kidding or not. I still answered.

*Hope all goes well for your aunt.

Megan said...

Happy 701st post!!
A- I have been blogging since 2007
B- I am close to 500 posts
C- I would easily let you keep my 3 year old girl, after all you have done fabulously with your own 2!