Saturday, January 23, 2010

Comments Around Here

♥I took the girls to go spend their Christmas money and one thing they bought was a new game for their game boys.  Abby bought a Polly Pocket game and Cassidy bought a pet shop game.

I came into the kitchen the other day and Abby was playing her new game and giggling.  I asked her if she liked her new game and she said:

“Yeah Mom this was a GOOD purchase!”

OK then?!  How old is she?  27?  No she’s 6 – barley 6.  I think I’m in trouble.


♥Tonight Tom and I were laying in bed.  I was watching HGTV and Tom was reading.  Abby was laying in between us reading and talking and singing and being a busy little bee as always.  She sits up and says,

“Dad you’re so skinny!  Mama, you’re skinny too!

We said thank you then she said, “not really, You’re fat I was just saying that.”

It sounds mean but we died laughing.  The way she said it was so funny!  Like she was giving us a compliment even though we thought we were fat.  It’s wasn’t mean at all.  I had tears rolling down my face and she was so proud of herself for making us laugh so hard.  I’m not sure where it came from.  I could have been that we were squishing her in the bed and she felt crowded, or she was trying to say something nice so she could stay up later.  I’m not sure but leave it to her to always have some funny thing to say!


♥Cassidy was upset tonight.  VERY upset.  She doesn’t want to do gymnastics anymore and we are making her stick to her promise.  I know – we are SO mean!  Tom came in and told me that he thinks Cassidy has been watching too much Disney Channel.  After their discussion about choices and agreements and follow through Cassidy said to him, “Dad this is your dream not mine.”  Yep – that sounds a little Disney Channel movie-ish.


♥Yesterday Abby wanted to know what day it was.  I said, “Friday” then she said,”oh it’s the twenty-tooth”  So cute and funny!  She meant twenty-second but it was too cute for me to correct her!  I think we may have to always call it “twenty-tooth!” Don’t you?


Christi said...

I KNOW that being a gymnast was Tom's secret, unfullfilled dream! Kids are hilarious!

Susie said...

The idea of any husbands dream being gymnastics for some reason gives me a giggle. I have a big burly husband, maybe that's why.
The fat comment, hysterical. I love how kids love to make us laugh. Little comedians.

Crazymamaof6 said...

funny! love Disney channel feeding them lines like that.

onehm said...

OH MAN are kids the best or what??

Allyson said...

That is hilarious! My parents made me stick to my promise of dance and I hated hated hated it! I made it just as horrible for them as it was for me. Needless to say, a couple weeks later they told me if I paid for 1/2 of what they had invested in it, I could quit. $60 later I was enjoying my freedom, and my parents were enjoying the quiet!

Anny said...

hilarious. I can just see Abby making her comments and then you laughing your head off.